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Watch & Protect Your Assets

Physical Security

As many employees start working from home and your offices are almost empty, it is more important than ever to watch and insure the physical security of your buildings and branches.

Surveillance and security technologies are constantly evolving to adapt to new threats, but also to the changing needs of modern businesses.

Besides the access control, intercom and video surveillance systems, newer high-end technologies can add an extra layer of security. Facial recognition, zone motion sensors, and centralized management allow you a greater control over the physical access to your premises and a higher degree of protection for  your assets.

Whether through the structured cabling a the heart of your smart building, your wireless networks, or cloud-based security applications, your organization can benefit from the latest technologies while also optimizing the use of your bandwidth. To choose and deploy the right solution for your business, qualified and certified experts should be involved from the start.

We Protect What Matters

  • Certified Experts
    Our trained technicians have their BSP permit and the highest levels of certification in the industry, and they work with our architects, security experts, and project managers to assist you on your most ambitious projects.
  • Turnkey Solution
    From needs assessment to design and installation, our project management ensures reliable and consistent end-to-end implementation through to after-sales services and technical support.
  • Stable & Reliable
    We have the equipment to deal with unforeseen events such as power outages and interruptions and to ensure physical security.
  • Flexible & Tailored Solutions
    Thanks to well-established partnerships with world-class manufacturers, we can design a high-tech solution tailored to the needs of your organization.


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