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How can women be more present in IT?

According to Statistics Canada, only about 1 in every 5 IT specialists working in a private business in Canada is a woman.

Why are women underrepresented not only in the corporate world, but also in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) schools?

At ITI and ITI Resource Placement, we are working to change that. Here are a few ways to change the IT workforce for the better.

Creating an inclusive work environment

To recruit women and retain them, employers need to create a respectful, women-friendly workplace.

This can be achieved by leveraging a variety of channels: recruitment, integration, work processes, physical facilities and so on. Here are a few suggestions brought forth by the Government of Canada in the Report from the Symposium on Women and the Workplace:

• Embody inclusive leadership, notably by linking financial incentives to diversity targets
• Make work-life balance a priority, for example by encouraging management to be committed to change and to be role models for a balanced life
• Offer job flexibility, including reduced hours, extended hours with reduced weeks or short-term contracts

In fact, the contract positions we offer can be interesting opportunities for women working in IT who are looking for flexibility. At ITI Resource Placement, our talent management team can not only you find the right IT job for your expertise, but we also ensure your well-being throughout your placement, including by frequently checking in with you.

Showcasing female role models working in IT

In some of the largest IT companies, a growing number of inspiring women are rising to senior positions, becoming role models and beacons for future generations of IT specialists.

At ITI Resource Placement, our team, including the management team, is mostly composed of women.

Working in IT is still a challenge for women, but I find it motivating. We can often look at situations from a different point of view, which is beneficial for the organization and gives us a chance to shine, as long as our expertise is recognized and respected.

Elyse Proulx

Élyse Proulx

Director, Administration and Recruitment ITI Resource Placement

Developing an interest for IT starting in elementary school

Before girls even think about studying computer science, engineering or any other IT field, they need to be able to explore technology, develop their curiosity and discover some areas of interest. School- and community-based technology resources can have a major impact on the lives of young people, especially for those without access to such tools at home.

The ITI Foundation supports projects in schools that encourage young people to challenge themselves through technology and to be curious about it. If more girls have the chance to try their hands at programming and robotics, for example, they will then realize that they can study and work in that field.

Alexandra Mondor

Alexandra Mondor

IT Project Manager at ITI, and member of the ITI Foundation’s Board of Directors

Seeing diversity and inclusion as a source of innovation

At ITI and ITI Resource Placement, we see difference as a driver to think differently and to constantly rethink IT. We want to be a woman-friendly employer where everyone feels included.

If you are a woman looking for your next IT job, find out what ITI and ITI Resource Placement can offer you to help you move your career forward.

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