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To simplify its transformation, the government sector wants to consolidate infrastructure and prioritize cloud technologies.

Moving from complexity to digital simplicity

In Quebec, the public sector is divided into three sub-segments: government, municipal and parapublic. IT solutions must adapt to these three worlds.

We know and navigate comfortably in complex municipal and government environments. We seek to make a difference by supporting you in your digital transformation projects.

In addition to providing storage, backup and security solutions, we build the milestones of your cloud environment along with you. We help you integrate new solutions into your existing system, and pay constant attention to simplicity of management by reducing the need for specialists for the maintenance of deployed products. We are sensitive to the realities of accessing products on a purchasing vehicle and make the acquisition process simpler and faster.

We act as a partner from the beginning of projects and seek to understand your needs, so that we can advise you on the most suitable solutions. We know the types of architecture available and applicable and work in collaboration with manufacturers to offer you the best conditions of acquisition.

ITI migrated our department’s systems to the Microsoft 365 cloud solution. It also supported us in managing this important change.

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What we offer to the public sector

  • Knowledge and advantageous presence in various government purchasing vehicles
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Representation and privileged status with leading manufacturers
  • Support capacity in the search for suitable solutions
  • Definition of budget and presentation of proposals
  • Support until the solution is put into service
  • Service maintenance offer

ITI experts answer your questions
How can IT prevent the loss of data in the government sector?

In every industry, and in the government sector in particular, data is highly valuable. Preventing leaks or loss of data requires an array of strategies, processes, and tools that are constantly evolving to adapt to ever-present cyberthreats.

This is why you should trust ITI experts to assist you through every step needed to secure your data. With them, you can complete a comprehensive audit your your existing security infrastructure, analyze solutions available on the market, and pick one or multiple providers to build a solution tailored to your needs.

This is an ongoing endeavour and it is in your best interest to find a dependable partner you can work with on the long term to ensure the continuity of your operations and productivity, particularly in a context of remote work.

How can IT make our workspace more dynamic?

Modern workspace must meet the needs of your employees, but also motivate them to excel. How then can you make them more efficient and proactive?

You must first define the needs of your team and the performance you are expecting. There are very competitive solutions made to answer very specific situations.

ITI experts can give you strategic and tailored advice to match the right technological solutions to your needs and objectives, enabling you to successfully complete your digital transformation, and offering your teams a modern and dynamic workspace.

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