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Data Center and Cloud Computing10
Business Intelligence and Analytics

Become a data-driven organization with Business Intelligence and Business Analytics strategies that unleash the best returns for your organization.

Thumbnail BusinessIntelligenceAnalytics
Data Management & Security

ITI makes it easier to manage your data and helps you keep it safe.

Data management and security

Keep your IT infrastructure and hardware up to date with on-demand services.

Business Continuity & Recovery Solutions

A good disaster recovery plan is a major competitive advantage that enables an organization to recover quickly, continue operations, and reduce overall risk.

Business continuity and recovery solutions
Converged and Hyperconverged (HCI) Infrastructure

Streamline IT management with converged (CI) or hyperconverged (HCI) infrastructure.

Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure
Hybrid Infrastructure

Make the most of your existing hardware and use cloud computing to improve performance.

Hybrid Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure

Adopting and mastering cloud computing is a major task that can seem rather complex. But the cloud is now a necessity and successful migration can make your organization more competitive and productive.

Cloud infrastructure and migration
Physical Infrastructure

Deploying, configuring, maintaining, and optimizing your IT architecture has a direct impact on the productivity and profitability of your business.

Physical infrastructure
IT security

Comprehensive and easy-to-manage solutions help protect your data and infrastructure.

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Make the most of your IT resources by virtualizing part of your infrastructure.

Modern Workplace5
Mergers and acquisitions: M365 consolidation

When two companies decide to merge, one of the crucial steps for a successful transition is the unification of their information systems. It goes far beyond a simple necessity; it’s an inescapable imperative to ensure smooth, productive integration. There are many potential challenges for these organizations. A methodical, well-thought-out approach is needed to minimize the […]

Gouvernance protection information

According to Forrester’s Security Concerns, Security Priorities Survey 2020, 88% of organizations struggle to prevent the loss of sensitive data. With new legislation in place, companies here must now employ robust information governance and protection solutions to comply.

Device and security management

Now that working from home has suddenly gone mainstream, companies need to adapt with tools and devices that allow teams to collaborate remotely.

Device and security management
Collaboration and productivity

Making it easier for your teams to work together and share information is a surefire way to boost productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Collaboration and productivity thumbnail
Identity and access management

Protect your data and users no matter where they are and what devices they use to connect with security by design.

Identity and access management
Network infrastructure3
Network and structured cabling

A company’s efficiency and productivity are largely dependent on the quality of its network infrastructure. Connectivity may seem like a given these days, but only a few minutes of downtime can have a big impact. A robust and efficient network infrastructure is vital for the continuity of your business operations, for optimal connectivity between your […]

Smart Buildings and Connected Objects

While it has become a commodity, connectivity remains strategic for business continuity. In one of its iterations, it is at the heart of smart buildings, buildings that integrate and run advanced technologies to improve their operational efficiency as well as the well-being and security of the occupants. These buildings are typically equipped with automated systems […]

Wireless Network and Site Survey

Wireless networks have been an integral part of businesses and organizations for many years. We often consider this now mature technology to be a commodity, but it plays a strategic role in data accessibility. Your wireless network enables your teams to access information quickly and easily, boosting productivity and improving their collaboration and responsiveness. Wireless […]

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