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Network and structured cabling

A robust and efficient network infrastructure is vital for the continuity of your business operations, for optimal connectivity between your teams, continued access to your data and availability of your applications.

A reliable and secure network is the backbone of organizations with growing demand for digital performance in a modern work environment. ITI’s network and structured cabling processes give you peace of mind regarding network stability.

Performance audit and optimization

A best practice approach starts with a comprehensive assessment of your existing network. First, it is important to analyze each component to identify bottlenecks and areas of weakness. Knowing exactly which challenges your network is facing makes it easier to determine optimal ways to improve its performance.

Replacing your equipment with emerging technologies is always an option, but substantial gains can be made by optimizing the configuration or adjusting certain security settings. This makes it possible to unlock your network’s full potential before considering a more significant upgrade.

The goal is simple: seamless connectivity, fast response times and increased reliability. By taking a proactive and iterative approach, you will be able to trust that your network infrastructure is using its full capabilities, ready to support your operations.

Custom design

The next step, after diagnosing, assessing and optimizing your existing infrastructure, is to plan for the future or to upgrade. Agile—and more importantly—scalable network infrastructure is the priority. You will need to take into account your organizational and corporate structure, your data flows and business objectives over the short, medium and long term.

Whether you need a capacity increase, an expansion to support your growth or a complete overhaul of your network, all of the above factors will affect the choices that will need to be made. Feel free to consult experts, such as those at ITI, who know how to integrate the latest technologies and best practices. You will benefit from infrastructure that adapts to your changing needs and contributes to the achievement of your long-term business objectives.

Physical installation of network cabling

Don’t let a mediocre cabling system compromise your productivity. Structured cabling that meets industry standards and ensures reliable connectivity and optimal cable management is your best guarantee of performance.

In addition to physical cabling, our teams will take into account your need for fibre optics, wireless network connection, not to mention physical security systems and audiovisual technologies for conference rooms that could be added.

Top-notch security

Best practices recommend strong firewalls that continuously monitor network traffic to detect and block threats. Strict access controls that only give authorized users access to sensitive data are also a must. You must support all this with strict security policies to ensure compliance with security standards and establish best practices to protect yourself from cyberattacks.

Turnkey service from start to finish

Every organization has unique needs, which is why we offer a full range of services designed to meet your objectives.

By carefully analyzing your existing infrastructure, we will identify areas for improvement and implement tailor-made solutions to maximize your network’s performance.

From developing a custom design to installing structured cabling that meets industry standards and implementing reliable security solutions, our goal is to deliver exceptional results that will help your company reach its full potential.

For secure and efficient network technologies, think ITI

  • Robust and reliable network
    We deliver a network that is reliable, tested and performs optimally. We have proven expertise in the most crucial aspects of this work and provide a hassle-free solution that will meet your current and future needs.
  • Turnkey service
    From needs assessment to design and installation, our approach ensures reliable and consistent end-to-end implementation all the way to after-sales service and technical support.
  • Optimal performance and availability
    The wired and wireless systems we install provide optimal performance and increased availability capable of supporting the most demanding applications and the highest volume of data.
  • Greater productivity
    Reliable wireless networks let you work without interruption, without excessive interference and without wasting time and money.
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