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Human intelligence serving IT intelligence

Why work at ITI?

Because even as we grow, with more than 30 years of experience, we maintain our humanity. We’re much more than IT people: we’re agents of change, listening to people.

At once visionary, empathic and geeky, we bring IT projects to life for our clients across the country. We’re proud to be listed among Canada’s best IT solution suppliers, and we strive to become a Canadian leader in digital transformation.

  • Our secret code: Our collective intelligence

  • Our honour code: Never taking you for a number

  • Our work code: Connect humans, not just wires

Find your next challenge

Our culture: Collective intelligence

IT is in our DNA. But together, we’re so much more than our thousands of IT certifications. We’re committed to innovating, and doing so as a team. While each and every one of us is unique, our human endeavours unite us to form a strong, inclusive culture.

  • Ingenuity

    We offer new ideas to find original solutions to common issues.

    By believing in our collective strength, we encourage and stimulate everyone’s creativity.

  • Initiative

    We anticipate needs and always work in solution mode.

    By believing we should seize every opportunity, we promote autonomy and agility.

  • Accountability

    We dedicate ourselves to our projects, our colleagues and our clients.

    By striving to inspire confidence and always contribute to the common good, we share responsibilities to break down the barriers of hierarchy.

  • Sensitivity

    We pay attention to others by hearing what they have to say.

    By showing empathy and compassion, we forge strong bonds.

  • Interpersonal agility

    We never hold back from presenting our ideas, and we’re open to others’ points of view.

    By joining complementary areas of expertise, we allow ourselves to innovate. Our teams deftly overcome challenges every day, thanks to the attentiveness and support of their leaders.

  • Integrity

    Our corporate values reflect our values: excellence, commitment, ethics and expertise.

    By ensuring these values shape the way we work, we build confidence by focusing on results that speak for themselves.

ITI according to our people

ITI’s strength definitely comes from the dedicated humans who work hard day after day, and our team of visionary leaders who push each individual to surpass themselves.

Alexandra Mondor

TI Project Manager

I love working for a company that cares. I appreciate ITI’s human touch most of all. The team is like a big family. The work environment is very friendly. Everyone knows each other and enjoys working together.

Lucie Bérubé

Calls for Tender Coordinator

Working at ITI means opportunities for advancement, surpassing yourself, and having fun. Enjoying your work is the most important way to achieve your goals, and I feel this way every day with my amazing team!

Sébastien Gagnon

Business Development Manager

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