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Large Enterprise

IT executives must meet present business needs and plan for the future, a double task that is difficult to accomplish daily.

Achieving business objectives in a changing and innovative environment

79% of Quebec business leaders believe that digital will be a major challenge for their organization over the next five years.*

Your business needs are the foundation of our work. We begin to understand your realities by listening and discussing, and then bring technology back into the equation.

With our tailor-made solutions, we offer several ways to keep your data secure. With mobility having become a hot topic, we can facilitate the ability of your employees to work from anywhere. With virtualized and cloud computing environments, we simplify and modernize work structures, both in terms of growth fluctuations and in terms of resource usage. Automation, networking and data storage are areas of expertise that we master, and for which we have excellent supply connections with our manufacturers.

Above all, we are the extension of your IT service. We help you prioritize budgets and efforts, maintain your current environment, even if it remains mixed, non-standardized or complex to manage. We support you in assessing growing needs in relation to your budget and we develop, in collaboration with your teams, new business line support services for the development of new offers. Our ability to understand, advise and concretize your needs allows you to choose the best solutions, to achieve your objectives, and to achieve a faster return on investment.

* According to surveys carried out by Léger Marketing on behalf of Quebec International, in concert with the Coalition Force 4.0.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, our IT department had to quickly transfer everyone to remote working. ITI has helped us in terms of performance, ergonomics and data security.

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What we offer to large enterprises

  • Price negotiation with manufacturing partners
  • Simplification of environments to increase the robustness of infrastructures
  • Improved performance and user experience
  • Ability to work with a smaller, more versatile team
  • Realization of projects in less time, and with more agility