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Health Care

In the coming years, to continue progressing, the health sector will have to modernize its network and technological approaches.

A technological partner dedicated to Health Care Professionals

In Quebec, the Health Care sector is a vast network of more than 300,000 people across 142 organizations. Understanding this network is a major asset for an IT team.

Because we are by your side in the health network, your priorities are also ours. We master the technologies that will help you improve access to care and services, promote prevention and healthy lifestyles, and set up digital health services in the network.

With tailor-made solutions, we allow you to consolidate existing systems and increase remote services. Our IT staffing service strengthens your internal capacities while supporting your digital transformation. With our major manufacturing partnerships, your access to cloud services, and protection and control of your data are fully supported.

From technological decisions to purchase and deployment, we are by your side throughout your project cycle. With you, we analyze your environment, find the best solutions, offer a review of purchasing vehicles and preferred solutions, and lead the project until its deployment. From start to finish, we remain a partner of trust and excellence.

My team mastered the objectives, but not the means put in place to achieve them. ITI has supported us both strategically and practically in our digital transformation.

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What we offer to the health sector

  • Durability of products
  • Minimal need for specialists for the maintenance of deployed products
  • Possibility of centralized management
  • Integration and compatibility with existing environments
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Representation and privileged status with leading manufacturers
  • Free support capacity in the search for suitable solutions
  • Definition of budgets and presentation of proposals
  • Support until the solution is put into service
  • Technical staff with unrivalled recognized certifications

ITI experts answer your questions
How can IT reduce wait times for health care patients?

Access to healthcare in general and the wait time for patients in particular are a hot topic in hospitals and health centres. Technologies can help improve the situation in many ways.

For example, certain tests can now be performed without the patient being physically there. Besides, technologies can also support patients when they’re home. The COVID crisis highlighted the fact that a substantial portion of appointments could in fact be conducted remotely, notably for yearly checkups. This new reality lowers the number of unnecessary controls and enables personnel to focus on more urgent cases. The growth of telehealth and virtual meetings between doctors and patients show the possibilities enabled by modern technologies and efficient collaborative tools.

Solutions such as those, implemented with proper security measures, make it possible to offer an improved service, while also respecting patient privacy and lowering the occurrence of unproductive interventions. ITI experts are there to help you choose, acquire, and deploy the right solution for your needs.

How can IT facilitate medical equipment management and traceability?

The management and traceability of medical equipment presents a major challenge for Health Care administrators. Chairs, beds, and other mobile equipment are constantly being moved between departments and floors. Staff are wasting lots of time figuring out where the equipment has gone. Sometimes, things are lost and must be re-ordered, causing delays and expenses that could have been avoided.

By enabling communication between various systems, by facilitating the exchange of information between applications and databases through APIs, by leveraging WiFi tagging and traceability, IT can make it much easier to manage and maintain the inventory of medical equipment.

By eploying these solutions, equipment becomes traceable throughout the Health Care network. This translates into massive savings of time and funds, and it makes it possible to allocate resources where they really matter.

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