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Terms & Conditions

ITI is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and customers and has drawn up these Terms and Conditions to confirm this commitment and to clarify the actions taken by ITI. This document sets out the information gathering and distribution practices and plug-ins that this website might use.

Your IP address could be used to collect broad geographic data. This information could be used to facilitate request processing, answer questions, improve the quality of our services or offer you need-based content. ITI may share your information with its business partners, sales agents or distributors for use on its behalf.

ITI and its agents could use this information to inform you of our new products and services. Under no circumstances will this information be sold or loaned to a third party. ITI will make every reasonable effort to comply with this privacy policy; however, ITI cannot guarantee the perfect application of this policy. ITI is not liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the application of this privacy policy.

ITI may use cookies to personalize user experience and measure the frequency of website visits and interactions.


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