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Wireless Network and Site Survey

Your wireless network enables your teams to access information quickly and easily, boosting productivity and improving their collaboration and responsiveness. Wireless also enables data to be collected and distributed quickly and efficiently. Just think of connected devices that can transmit data in real time (i.e., IoT—Internet of Things). Just think of all the transmitters now used in factories to extend the signal.

Wireless technologies play a strategic role in corporate operations, pushing suppliers to continue innovating and improving performance and reliability while ensuring network security. Now more than ever, organizations need to choose the solutions best suited to their business realities and strategic goals.

More than just a wireless terminal

Simply installing a wireless router in the middle of a room is not enough to ensure that your teams have the coverage they need for effective collaboration. You must plan carefully, starting first with a detailed study of your organization’s specific needs then setting out the goals you want to achieve. You need to:

  • set the desired level of mobility,
  • anticipate busy areas,
  • select suitable devices.

Our experts will help you determine the functional and technical specifications dictated by your business reality.

With expert planning, you can optimize your wireless network’s performance, so everyone can work efficiently.

Our approach to a safe, high-performance network

Over the years, ITI has developed a turnkey approach, that ensures your peace of mind.

Site survey

A Wi-Fi site survey helps determine how robust the proposed wireless infrastructure needs to be, and optimize its performance. It makes it possible to:

  • conduct a detailed needs analysis, including desired coverage and performance,
  • plan the position of terminals based on the network requirements and devices to be supported.

When evaluating potential solutions, we also consider which specific needs need to be included: geolocation, wireless analytics, voice over IP, connected objects, etc.

We can then identify the advanced functionalities your network will require to enhance its ability to provide strategic information for informed decision-making. We also provide clients with a detailed report of the site coverage being considered.

Wireless network architecture and design

It is at this stage that we define the new wireless network’s architecture and technology most suited for it.

  • Recommend the hardware and licenses to buy
  • Compare available solutions
  • Forecast optimal architecture
  • Estimate installation efforts required

We also plan the solution’s ongoing management, offering a range of options such as on-premise, virtual or cloud-based wireless controllers. Final choice will depend on size and complexity of the environment. On-premise controllers are suitable for stand-alone installations that can operate independently from the external network. Virtual controllers offer flexible centralized management options for medium-sized environments. Cloud-based controllers are ideal for decentralized networks, and offer simple and scalable opportunities for remote management. Budget, safety and organizational preferences will be considered in the final decision.

Together with our partners, we offer high added-value services grounded in thorough understanding of how the wireless network will be used.

Wireless network setup

We set up your chosen ecosystem’s networks and controllers before going on site. We deploy the required authentication and security features, and commission the platform’s management system. Using this custom approach, we can seamlessly integrate into the new environment and ensure the optimum performance and efficient management of the wireless infrastructure.

Our team also installs the physical system, in line with applicable requirements and industry best practices. Validation tests are then conducted to ensure that the entire wireless infrastructure is efficient, stable and secure. This ensures that the physical equipment operates well and is optimally linked to the corporate network.

Wireless network security and business continuity

Situations such as the wireless network going down, a section of your building not having signal or neighbours accessing your confidential data can be major impediments to your teams’ productivity and collaboration, in addition to risking your data and IT infrastructure’s security being compromised. To maximize wireless network security and ensure business continuity, a proactive approach for access point monitoring and management is essential. By implementing robust security protocols, you can enhance protection of your sensitive data. In addition, by regularly assessing network coverage and implementing redundancy solutions, you can prevent potential outages and ensure your operations are uninterrupted.

Wireless networks play an essential strategic role in business productivity and collaboration. Meticulous planning, performance optimization and a well-designed, secure and expertly built network architecture can help ensure your company reaches even its most ambitious goals.

For secure and high-performance wireless technologies, think ITI

  • Turnkey service
    From needs assessment to design and installation, our approach ensures reliable and consistent end-to-end implementation all the way to after-sales service and technical support.
  • Robust and reliable network
    We deliver a network that is reliable, tested and performs optimally. We have proven expertise in the most crucial aspects of this work and provide a hassle-free solution that will meet your current and future needs.
  • Optimal performance and availability
    The wired and wireless systems we install provide optimal performance and increased availability capable of supporting the most demanding applications and the highest volume of data.
  • Greater productivity
    Reliable wireless networks let you work without interruption, without excessive interference and without wasting time and money.
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