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Smart Buildings and Connected Objects

In one of its iterations, it is at the heart of smart buildings, buildings that integrate and run advanced technologies to improve their operational efficiency as well as the well-being and security of the occupants. These buildings are typically equipped with automated systems and sensors that monitor and control various aspects, such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security systems. The cornerstone of this type of construction is network infrastructure, both wired and wireless, a field in which ITI has acquired solid expertise over the years.

Smart network: The secret is in the planning

When designing a smart building or turning an existing building into a smart one, assessing and defining what is needed is a crucial step. Careful planning is required to ensure reliable and efficient connectivity between the different systems and devices. Structured cabling is therefore taken into consideration from the start to assess wired infrastructure needs, including the number of connection points needed for workstations, network equipment, sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and more.

This phase includes developing a detailed book of specifications that identifies each technology to implement, including wireless technology, their specifications and requirements. Once compiled, this information will serve to define the target network architecture and the necessary equipment. Best practices also recommend conducting a risk analysis to anticipate potential problems and plan solutions for these if necessary.

Rollout, testing and validation

The aim of infrastructure implementation is to integrate the different systems and technologies to be used in the building. This includes pulling cables, installing outlets, panels and terminals, and checking compliance with the technical specifications. The work requires close coordination between the design, rollout and configuration teams to ensure smooth implementation.

Before completing the premises targeted by the work, the systems and devices must be configured and programmed according to the requirements defined during the design phase. This can include setting up automation scenarios, management rules, security settings and more.

The final step before activation involves conducting thorough tests to ensure that all the systems are running properly and were correctly integrated. Simulations are also performed to evaluate the performance and robustness of the network and the effectiveness of the technologies.

Security, management and access

Video surveillance, access management, intrusion alarms and intercom solutions can be used to protect the building and its assets. With more people working remotely and fewer people in the office these days, it is more imperative than ever to continuously monitor and ensure the physical security of your facilities.

Besides traditional access control, intercom and video surveillance systems, new, state-of-the-art options, such as facial recognition, zone-based motion detection or centralized management, are available for businesses. These tools will give you greater control over physical access to your smart building to keep it secure and make it easier to manage.

No matter what experience you are looking to offer the building’s occupants, calling on qualified and certified experts is crucial to maximize the return on your investment. Faced with a sea of possibilities, ITI is your partner of choice, helping to select and roll out the solutions that will best suit your organization.

For safe and efficient facilities, think ITI

  • Certified experts
    Our trained technicians have their BSP licence and the highest certification levels in the industry. They work with our architects, security experts and project managers to help you carry out your most ambitious projects.
  • Turnkey service
    From needs assessment to design and installation, our approach ensures reliable and consistent end-to-end implementation all the way to after-sales service and technical support.
  • Stable and ready for the unexpected
    We are equipped to prepare you for unexpected events such as power issues (blackouts and brownouts) and we have the control equipment to ensure the physical security of your facilities.
  • Flexible and tailored solutions
    Thanks to solid partnerships, including with the largest manufacturers, we can design tailor-made and cutting-edge solutions adapted to your specific needs.
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