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Make BI and Analytics an integral part of your transformation journey to cloud.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Bridging data gold with human intelligence

Transform your business by empowering your most important asset – your people – with actionable intelligence.

To achieve this level of business intelligence, decision-makers need to know what data’s available to them, which business processes stand to benefit most, and how to extract the most value. Our team of commerce specialists and data engineers steer your teams to:

  • Improve processes, collaboration and decision making
  • Discover, analyze and anticipate gaps
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Find hidden business insights in your data

Validation and Transformation

ITI’s consulting services are designed to simplify and accelerate your business transformation leveraging cloud technology by incorporating BI best practices from the get-go.

In order to establish your bespoke BI and Analytics practice, our proven 3-step approach unveils the best concepts, tools and processes for your organization.

From discovery workshops and strategic roadmaps to implementation and democratization across your organization, we help you understand the ins and outs, visualize concrete opportunities, and realize results.

Validation and Transformation

Roadmap your priorities

To acquire a new level of data intelligence, your business needs to move beyond traditional dashboards. The first step forward is developing a solid BI and analytics roadmap strategy. Working with your team, we scope and prioritize use cases, mapping out necessary data sources and any other factors to make your project a success.​


Engineer a foundation

Migrating to a modern, cloud-native platform can be daunting, with outdated legacy platforms preventing you from making informed decisions. Our team is here to guide you through this journey. Knowing the key strategies to a successful migration in advance will set you, your team and your project up for success.

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Visualize and realize

With data properly modelled and stored in the cloud, the next key step is to leverage best-of-breed BI and Analytics tools to visualize advanced analytics, democratize data across your organization, and bring it all to life.



As your strategic partner for digital transformation, ITI’s team of business analytics specialists and data engineers help you build a scalable, data-driven architecture to maximize the power of your data and your people.

  • Gain deeper, predictive business insights to improve offerings and increase profit margins by tailoring to customer segments.
  • Leverage cloud economics such as low up-front costs, reduced CAPEX projects and pay-per-use to accelerate ROI.
  • Empower people with intelligence to react faster and adapt better to changing circumstances.

Where organizations are winning with BI

Marketing: Help your marketing team attract new clientele and retain promising customers through deep consumer insights and predictive analytics.

Finance: Enable your finance team to shift more attention from the past to the future through automated, self-service workflows that simplify heavy recurring processes.

Product and Sales: Equip your product and sales teams to better serve customers and drive high-quality sales through segmentation and advanced analytics.

Supply Chain: Alleviate the stresses in your supply chain with augmented decision-support tools and powerful predictive analytics.

Business Intelligence or Business Analytics?

Why modern businesses requires both:

BI enables you to transform data into information, then use that information to make wise decisions and take intelligent actions. Business Analytics is the ability to develop actionable decisions or recommendations based on insights generated from data.

  • BI requires a modern technology architecture that seamlessly integrates all data sources with analytical tools and applications to transform, mine and visualize the data.
  • Analytics represent the combination of computer technology, management science techniques, and statistics to solve real problems and improve human capabilities.


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