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The story of Amina’s first IT job in Canada through ITI Resource Placement

The world of IT is powered by people, their story and their passion for innovation. Meet some of the people building a career in IT through ITI Resource Placement.

Before immigrating to Quebec in the summer of 2022, Amina had been working as a network administrator in Algeria for over 10 years. She started working on getting her equivalencies as soon as she arrived, but it can take a long time. While looking for an IT job, she stumbled across an ITI Resource Placement posting for an outsourced IT technician position, and applied.

The whole hiring process was very quick. A few days later, I had the job and could finally start working in Canada. I felt like ITI Resource Placement’s team had chosen me, and that they recognized my expertise.



Network administrator

Although it’s been almost two years, Amina is still working with ITI Resource Placement. Amina’s mandate with one employer was renewed 5 times, but it recently came to an end. She is now ready for her next challenge with ITI Resource Placement. I have not yet completed my network administrator equivalencies, but I know that with ITI Resource Placement, I can keep my career moving along. I am talking with my talent management consultant to find a new mandate that matches my strengths and areas of interest.

An IT job and a friend

In addition to helping helped Amina find her first job in Quebec, ITI Resource Placement also helped her build her social network. I didn’t know anyone when I arrived. Activities and outings organized by ITI Resource Placement have made it possible for me to meet people, many of them newcomers like myself. It was also through ITI Resource Placement that I met the woman who is now my best friend. We were both working on a mandate with the same employer.

Winning conditions for a career in IT

Amina is particularly thankful for ITI’s advantageous working conditions.

ITI Resource Placement takes really good care of us. We have a good insurance plan, days off, fun social activities and an excellent salary for the IT market. I recommend ITI Resource Placement every chance I get!



Network administrator

Amina is currently working on completing a DESS in information technology. She even chose to carry out a recruitment case study at ITI Resource Placement. They agreed right away. The company is very focused on people. That’s really important for me.

Looking for an exciting IT job?

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