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The Power to Make Your Data Intelligent

Imagine turning the flood of data you’re collecting into a competitive advantage. That may seem like a formidable task, but with Dell Technologies PowerStore, your organization can do just that.

The proliferation of mobile devices and the need to work remotely has profoundly transformed the way we store and analyze data. Data is now generated at the edge of or outside your network, then sent back to your network for processing. This means you have to give your teams sufficient bandwidth and storage, plus the computing power required to retrieve strategic information.

The era of big data is definitely here. But technological limitations often hamper your ability to take advantage of it. Data is crucial. Somewhere in the deluge of information you are storing lies a major competitive advantage. Dell Technologies PowerStore helps you harness it.

Cut through the clutter and focus on what matters

Transferring and storing all this data comes at a considerable cost.

A key step to easing the burden is reducing the amount of data that is sent to your infrastructure, a concept known as “edge computing.” Technologies like PowerStore process and analyze your data at the edge, where it’s generated, allowing you to retain only what’s relevant. This relevant data is then sent back to your servers to be transformed into business intelligence you can use to make strategic decisions in real time.

Dell Technologies PowerStore is not just a storage server—it’s a solution that transforms and mobilizes traditional and modern application loads. By combining data-driven design with intelligent automation capabilities, PowerStore makes you more agile and lets you achieve your business goals.

It also brings storage space closer to information collectors and sensors, so data is processed at an intermediate point where it won’t clog your infrastructure. Only relevant data is sent back to your infrastructure for analysis and conversion into business intelligence.

Gain operational efficiency

Workloads change quickly and are not static, so your systems need to be flexible and scalable. Dell Technologies PowerStore can be scaled to meet the specific needs of your business and intelligently adapt to changing workloads in real time. This unique capability makes it an agile solution that can handle any type of demand, in any situation— no need to constantly monitor or review the way your units are scaled.

Dell Technologies PowerStore gives you unprecedented freedom to evolve your IT at the breakneck pace of today’s ever-changing world.

If you make only one IT investment this year, leverage the data you already have and give your business a competitive edge by deploying Dell Technologies PowerStore.

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