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Why Choose Surface Business Devices?

The sudden arrival of remote working has forced organizations to keep pace and adopt new work methods. They must insure they have the proper infrastructure and equipment to adapt to this new reality.

Microsoft’s Surface for Business portfolio of devices meet these needs and are designed around security, while also offering cutting-edge performance and a thorough integration between device and software.

Chip-to-Cloud Security

Business and IT managers will appreciate finally having devices with built-in security at the hardware level.

Unlike other Windows 10 devices available on the market, Surface is the only manufacturer to have DFCI enabled for modern cloud-based device management through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. This layer of hardware control lets you manage your mobile device management (MDM) policies across your organization.

New features, like the ability to lock devices remotely, zero-touch deployment, and automated security updates are all managed from a single point, making it easier for IT administrators.

Easy & Safe Deployment

Thanks to Microsoft’s zero-touch deployment, Surface reduces IT complexity and eliminates time-consuming corporate re-imaging by shipping and deploying straight to your users’ hands. Every Surface ships from the factory enabled for Autopilot. Without even having to open the box, your Surface devices are configured according to your needs, with the right user permissions, offering an esay and, most of all, secure deployment.

Surface device security is tightly integrated to Windows Update to make sure all important patches are applied, from the hardware to the software. Integration with Intune, configuration manager, and WSUS make it easier to manage and maintain your security policies.

Surface for Business offers additional layers of security, an integrated management, and many features that provide peace of mind to your IT team, while also efficiently securing your network, your data, and your devices.

Increased Performance & Productivity

Thin and light, Surface devices are nevertheless powerful and they allow your teams to work efficiently, with batteries designed to last an entire day and recharge quickly. The Surface Book 3, the most poweful in the Surface portfolio, can be equiped with a quad-core 10th generation Intel i7 processor.

Besides, Windows 10 and Office 365 allow your teams to work and collaborate seamlessly. Collaborative tools are specially designed to use with the touch screen and pen, while file sharing, video conferences, and access to your enterprise applications are easier than ever.

According to Forrester, three out of four organizations claim that Surface devices equipped with Office 365 boosted employee satisfaction and retention, each employee gaining five to nine hours of productivity per week.

A Unique Offer

The Microsoft Surface for Business devices are the only ones on the market to offer such a complete integration between hardware and software, accelerating your organization’s passage to remote work, greatly simplifying your mobile device management, and offering powerful features and tools your teams will appreciate.

Contact our experts today to learn more about deploying Surface for Business devices within your organization.

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