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Conferences of the SITI 2023

Find here the conferences and technical workshops presented during the IT Expert Summit 2023.
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Already in its 13th year, the IT Experts Show is the largest event of its kind in Quebec, bringing together key players in the business and technology fields.

Conferences, workshops, kiosks and networking activities were on the agenda for IT administrators, decision-makers and executives from SMEs, large corporations and public or private organizations.

ITI conferences
Top IT Trends - Get Ahead of the Market - by ITI

Learn about the biggest trends in information technology and how these trends will change the course of business for businesses. In a changing economic context, what will be the impacts of the main trends and how they can be used in 2024?

IT intelligence. Human intelligence.
Protect your corporate information with Microsoft Purview - by ITI

There are some cybersecurity risks associated with the day-to-day use of your Microsoft Office 365 applications. Learn how to set up customized, configurable security measures for all your content shared through Outlook, Sharepoint, Teams, OneNote, and OneDrive. An essential conference in the context of Quebec’s Bill 25.

IT intelligence. Human intelligence.
Discussion with the ITI team about the partnership with Microsoft and advanced specializations - by ITI and Microsoft

Discussion with the ITI team about the partnership with Microsoft and advanced specializations

ITI IT intelligence. Human intelligence.
The human side of a ransomware event. How to prepare - by ITI and Commvault

The human side of a ransomware event. How to prepare.

ITI IT intelligence. Human intelligence. and Commvault
Everyone is ready for AI, except your data - by ITI

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is undeniable and is leading companies to accelerate the adoption and deployment of these tools. With technologies like Microsoft Fabric, the future promises to be both captivating and transformative. But beyond the technology itself, it’s crucial to have the necessary infrastructure in place, especially for data collection, storage, and analysis. Is your company ready to ride the AI wave?

IT intelligence. Human intelligence.
Data intelligence
The Era of AI: Meeting the Moment - by Microsoft

AI ushers in a groundbreaking era of innovation, reshaping businesses and streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency. The effectiveness of AI hinges on the quality of data and responsible governance, ensuring sustainable business outcomes. Discover how organizations in Canada and globally are leveraging AI to create significant, lasting impact.

Artificial generative intelligence - by Dell Technologies

An introduction to generative artificial intelligence from Dell Technologies and NVIDIA: from defining business objectives to implementing concrete solutions.

Dell Technologies
AI - Big Data - Edge / a world of new possibilities - by Lenovo

How AI solutions and edge servers can meet many challenges. French Speaking (slides might be in English).

Harnessing Your Data for Generative AI - by Snowflake

In the era of GenAI (Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence), enterprises are embracing the transformative power of AI to drive innovation, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge. However, the success of GenAI initiatives hinges upon a fundamental prerequisite: A Single Source of the Truth with robust security and governance. This talk delves into the critical role of Snowflake, the industry’s leading data platform, as the pivotal solution for empowering enterprises to capitalize on GenAI’s potential.

Aruba Edge-to-Cloud Security for Modern Networks - by HPE

Full visibility, control, and enforcement with a built-in foundation for Zero Trust and SASE frameworks.

The Future is Here: ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage - by Exagrid

Learn how ExaGrid’s Tiered Backup Storage helps IT organizations solve the most pressing backup storage issues they face today: how to improve backup performance, how to restore quickly for user productivity, how to scale and keep a fixed-length backup window as data grows, how to ensure recovery after a ransomware attack, and how to lower backup storage costs up front and over time.

Take charge of your risks: Framework for effective attack surface management - by Trend Micro

Your organization needs to move rapidly, but the speed of innovation and expanding attack surface has introduced new and more cybersecurity risk. What’s the solution? Trend Micro’s framework for effective attack surface risk management evaluates security gaps from the perspective of an adversary, leveling the playing field for organizations to protect themselves against risk across people, processes, and technology.

In this session, we will explore how organizations can upgrade risk management strategies to adopt a proactive security approach, improve security posture, and avoid costly attacks.

Trend Micro
The power of the Cisco platform for corporate networks - by Cisco

Customers are always looking for a comprehensive approach to connecting, securing and automating their infrastructure. Simplifying the user experience is therefore a fundamental principle of our Cisco Networking vision. Cisco’s platform approach is key to delivering the right level of automation, security and visibility, providing a unified experience and dramatically reducing complexity.
Join our session and discover how you can achieve measurable results through automation and artificial intelligence-based networking with the Cisco platform.

Data protection: How to get your program up and running - by Zscaler

GDPR, Law 25 and other regulations are now an integral part of the landscape. However, the majority of compliance specialists don’t know how to operationalize a data protection program. In this presentation, I’ll show you how to build a data protection program using Zscaler. The aim of this presentation is to equip compliance and technology specialists to build, operationalize and evaluate the success of such a program using machine learning, with minimum delay.

Data Ingestion Integration for CrowdStrike Falcon Insight XDR / Identity - by Abnormal Security & CrowdStrike

Discover how a new data ingestion integration from Abnormal Security and CrowdStrike helps organizations protect their data more efficiently while providing comprehensive visibility.

Crowdstrike and AbNormal
Simplified User Security and Protected Digital Footprint: Unleash the Power of the Cisco Security Cloud - by Cisco

Cisco Secure Access is a cloud-native solution that provides seamless, simplified, and secure integration for the user. It also enables a high-quality user experience and performance optimization through continuous monitoring.

Cisco Multicloud Defense provides comprehensive security for multi-cloud environments by protecting applications and connectivity across all types of clouds, whether public, private, or hybrid. Its simple deployment and unmatched administration simplify security management.

By combining Cisco Secure Access and Cisco Multicloud Defense, organizations can benefit from simplified security. This integrated approach provides enhanced threat protection, enhanced visibility, and increased control, while ensuring optimal performance for access to organizational resources.

Microsoft Security: How to do more with less - by Microsoft

Doing more with less is about a change in mindset and it doesn’t have to mean sacrifice. Come and learn more about how this works in the real world, let’s explore strategies of the do more with less approach and consider success stories from customers that have benefitted from each approach.

Choosing between MDR, MSSP and SIEM-as-a-Service services - by Arctic Wolf Networks

We’re going to explore the different security operation models available today, and look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Arctic Wolf
Thwart "Living-off-the-Land" (LotL) attacks with WatchGuard - by WatchGuard

In this session, we’ll look at what a “Living-off-the-land” attack is, two concrete examples of these types of attack, including one in real time, and how to detect them with the Watchguard EPDR protection tool.

Navigating the new frontiers of cybersecurity - by Fortinet

Making a secure digital world possible.

We keep your business running - by Veeam Software

We keep your business running.

Backup ≠ Cyber resilience - by Rubrik

Traditional backups are not suitable for recovery from ransomware attacks. While backups are an important aspect of data protection, they’re simply not enough to defend against modern attacks. In this session, we’ll discuss how true cyber recovery empowers IT and security teams to detect and respond to threats with speed and confidence. We’ll explore what your organization needs to ensure the security and availability of your data, accelerate incident response by understanding data risks and threats, and restore impacted data faster, safer and with greater confidence.

How Zebra's technologies improve companies' business processes - by BlueStar

Brief presentation of the various business data capture, transport and processing systems available from Zebra Technologies, and how companies can gain in productivity by implementing these systems.

Blue Star and Zebra
Modern workplace
The place of workstations, DaaS, and managed services in a world of AI and remote working - by Lenovo

In this talk, Lenovo will address two themes:
-How workstations are centralizing for hybrid work and decentralizing AI research.
-How can Lenovo help my business and IT run more smoothly.

Examples of customer achievements in AI-powered automation and collaboration - by Idexia

We will present a customer solution using the Microsoft Power Platform, where the integration of AI could bring added value. Still in the customer case presentation, we’ll be looking at how SharePoint can be used effectively as an information dissemination platform, a case study from a municipality where we’ll be exploring further possible improvements thanks to AI.

How AI is changing the future of the work place - by HP inc.

How AI is changing the future of the work place.

HP inc.
Microsoft Copilot: what is it and why is it important? - by Sherweb

Copilot is much more than OpenAI’s ChatGPT integrated with Microsoft 365. It’s a sophisticated processing and orchestration engine that works behind the scenes to combine the power of LLMs, including GPT-4, with Microsoft 365 applications and your business data from the Microsoft Graph. Now accessible to everyone thanks to natural language.

Nutanix, at the heart of digital transformation - by Nutanix

From Hyperconverged to Hybrid Multicloud.

GreenLake, cloud computing comes to you - by HPE

With the emergence of all clouds and all ways to consume your infrastructure, HPE offers a unique solution to maximize your environments. HPE GreenLake offers a unique hybrid cloud solution, enabling businesses to consume IT resources on demand while retaining on-premise control. This cloud gives you all the flexibility you need today to respond quickly to changing business needs, while maintaining maximum security.

The benefits of automation and artificial intelligence in your data centers and multi-cloud solutions - by VMWare

The benefits of automation and artificial intelligence in your data centers and multi-cloud solutions.

Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure: simplify, accelerate and control your hybrid cloud - by Dell Technologies

Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure: simplify, accelerate and control your hybrid cloud.

Dell Technologies
Ops Ramp, the answer to multi-cloud management - by HPE

With the proliferation of cloud offerings, managing these environments is becoming increasingly complex. To help you respond, OpsRamp’s intelligent automation helps digital operations and service delivery teams to be more efficient, increase service quality, reduce redundant activities and ensure audit or compliance policies across your cloud environments.


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