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HPE GreenLake Solution

Accelerate your digital transformation with cloud that comes to you.

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The cloud experience has shaped what business leaders expect of IT. HPE GreenLake delivers cloud economics on premises, a pay-per-use model with no capital needed up front, and no overprovisioning of infrastructure.

The vast majority of apps and data – 70% – are “systems of record” that run the enterprise – ERP, CRM and more. They must live in data centres and colocations for data gravity, latency, application dependency and regulatory compliance reasons, and lack the agility of the modern cloud experience.

Now you can bring cloud speed, agility, and an as-a-service model to where your apps and data are today. Transform the way you do business with one experience and one operating model across your distributed clouds, for apps and data at the edge, in colocations and in your data centre.

Key benefits of HPE GreenLake include:

Business agility
Move faster, get capacity when you need it, and accelerate app and services deployment

Simpler IT
Get expertise and support to help with routine tasks to free up your staff for more important business initiatives

Lower IT costs
Eliminate the need for upfront capital and stop overprovisioning

Proper control
Easily monitor and manage performance, security, compliance, and data, as well as latency, risk and cost

HPE Greenlake truely gives our clients the best of both worlds with its Cloudlike economics and experience but without all those pesky egress fees and price hikes.

Adams Mailloux

Team Leader, IT Infrastructure Architecture & Data Center

Get the Cloud Experience

  • Pay per use
    HPE GreenLake speeds insights to unlock data’s value, with pay-per-use and financial flexibility for new ventures and business operations, so you can free up capital, and boost operational and financial flexibility.
  • Scale up and down
    HPE GreenLake helps you create essential data and analytics services core to digital transformation, in your locations. HPE speeds insights for data science teams to unlock data’s value with pay-per-use, scale-up-and-down freedom.
  • Simplified IT
    Centralize operations and insights across your hybrid estate from a single intuitive self-service platform, HPE GreenLake Central. Get a unified view, monitor usage, cost performance, compliance and more.
  • Managed for you
    Offload monitoring and management of your on-premises cloud and public clouds, securely managed from our world-class IT Operations Centers helping you free up your resources to be more productive.

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