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A Conference Presented by Aruba & ITI

Overcoming Current IT Challenges, with IDC

April 28, 2021, from 1PM to 2:15PM

Aruba and ITI are honoured to welcome a guest speaker from IDC for our conference on the IT challenges in Canada.

Special Guest : IDC’s Dave Pearson

Mr. Dave Pearson from the International Data Corporation (IDC) will discuss the transformative technologies that helped organizations remain productive through 2020, as well as the investments required to support the ‘Next Normal’ of Canadian business.

He’ll outline the implications for security and hybrid IT, the skills gap we’re facing, the role of the trusted advisor, as well as other relevant topics:

  • Technology roadmap & key IT investments
  • What does the next normal business look like?
  • Displaced end users and new challenges to traditional IT
  • Cloud vs On Prem and the hazards of going “all-in”
  • Priorities change in the enterprise without walls
  • Leadership in the Next Normal

FREE – April 28, 2021, from 1PM to 2:15PM.

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