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Contract Positions: A Great Way to Launch (or Relaunch) your IT Career

At various points in your IT career, taking on a contract position could be quite beneficial for you.

Everyone wants to succeed in the job market, and companies are snapping up IT experts. ITI Resource Placement offers a multitude of IT jobs that can be ideal for launching, relaunching or wrapping up your IT career. If you are just starting out, new to the country or at the tail end of your career, keep reading.

Benefits of contract positions for junior candidates

To become an IT specialist, you need training and field experience. Launching your career with a contract position provides several benefits:

  • You are exposed to different work environments in a short span of time.
  • You quickly develop a range of skills.
  • You start or expand your professional network.
  • You can balance school and work duties.
  • You get support from talent management consultants to help you boost your IT career.

If you’re new to the IT workforce, contact our team. We’re always on the lookout for candidates who want to start a brilliant IT career with us.

Benefits for newcomers seeking experience in Quebec

IT specialists who immigrate to Canada often must go through an equivalency certification process before they can practice the trade they plied in their country of origin. Taking a contract IT job can be the perfect solution to make the most of that in-between time and get a feel for the Quebec and Canadian workplace. A contract position, often lasting from six months to a year, will give you a chance to get noticed by employers and to add concrete IT work experience in Quebec to your resume. Even if it is not representative of your true abilities, the contract position will help you get a foot in the door of the IT industry, which will undoubtedly be useful to land the job you want once your degree is recognized.

At ITI Resource Placement, not only can our talent management team take care of your contract position, but it can also help with everything you need to launch your IT career in Quebec: work permits, recognition of equivalencies, etc.

Benefits for retirees wanting to keep connected to the IT job market

Many experienced workers wrapping up their careers or already fully or semi-retired choose to take a contract IT job. Its set duration (of 3, 6 or 12 months, for example) makes it an ideal solution for those looking to work for a few months in between trips or longer rest periods.

Additionally, ITI Resource Placement candidates can skip the job search process entirely. Our recruitment specialists take care of everything! We will find you the ideal contract position to end your IT career on a high note and make the most out of your professional experience.

Contract positions as a solution to IT workforce issues

In the world of information technology, choosing a contract position means guaranteed success. It can offer you everything you’re looking for (and more), regardless of your professional situation and IT career progression.

Ready for the next step in your IT career?

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