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Short Term Employment Contracts in IT: A Good Opportunity?

As an IT recruiter, I’m regularly confronted to baffled and hesitant candidates when I offer a short term job. But these opportunities are business as usual in the industry. So I thought I should share my perception of short term contracts. Let’s start by defining what they are exactly.

These contracts are or various length. They could last for 2 months, 6 months, or even a year. At ITI, we usually offer such contracts when a client is launching a new project, when they’re overwhelmed with work, or as a replacement for a parental or sick leave.

I think you should seize the opportunity because:

You discover new workplaces and develop new skills.
Indeed, these contracts allow you to work on new things that would certainly look good on your resume. This is how you evolve professionally; your become more skilled and, therefore, more efficient.

You benefit from a more diverse experience and become more versatile.
Employers like versatile candidates. If, for example, you have work experience in healthcare and corporate environments, your diversified skills set you apart from other candidates.

You create permanent employment opportunities.
By having a foot in the door at an employer, your contract may become a full-time job opportunity. There are plenty of candidates who accepted a temporary offer and ended up being hired later. Once you’re there, seize the opportunity to show your skills. A resourceful candidate will not go unnoticed by an employer.

Are you looking for a short term or permanent employment opportunity in IT? Talk with our recruiters!

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