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From Acquisition to Monthly Operating Fee: All the Financial Benefits of Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services

Of all the advantages that come with the Lenovo Truscale solution, the biggest one is probably the budget-friendly monthly fee. After all, cashflow is strategic for growing and developing a business. With Lenovo Truscale and ITI, you forego the huge outlays for new infrastructure and just pay a monthly fee that matches your use.

This delivers a range of financial benefits.

  • Reduced risk
  • Expenditures closer in line with cash inflows, which generally coincide with your busy seasons
  • Less financial pressure on your organization
  • Payments are fully tax deductible

This frees up your company’s liquid assets and borrowing power for high-value-added projects like product development, market development, and strategic acquisitions.

For lenders to be able to keep financing your operations, your organization needs to maintain certain ratios. By using a HaaS (hardware as a service) solution like Lenovo Truscale, your business won’t need additional borrowing capacity and won’t need to free up a big chunk of change. Your payments will be an operating expense and will show up in your income statement instead of on your balance sheet, thereby eliminating a source of debt.

Say goodbye to indirect and surprise expenses and hello to reduced risk

With Lenovo Truscale and ITI, you’ll also avoid the surprises that tend to come with long and costly deployments and initial configurations. Your Lenovo Truscale infrastructure will be configured by our teams of certified professionals at no extra cost. After that, ITI will manage your infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and security at all times. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a fully managed infrastructure and be able to focus on your business and its development plans. And your IT team can finally do more than just put out fires!

Pay as you use and right-size with Lenovo TruScale

You’ll be able to scale your infrastructure to meet your needs. Instead of starting with infrastructure designed to handle your peak needs over the next five years, you’ll only pay for what you need now. That means smaller payments to start, plus the ability to scale up over time. That way, you’re paying for what you actually use.

This type of solution also protects your company from the rapid obsolescence of IT infrastructure. At the end of your contract, your infrastructure will be replaced by a new one built out with the latest technology.

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