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Overcoming Modern IT Challenges

On April 28, Aruba and ITI hosted Dave Pearson from IDC Canada for a talk on the main challenges in IT, and the solutions for tackling them. Here are the key points.


  • Economic recovery will call for investments in the cloud and in collaborative tools for working from home. Improvements in IT infrastructure and the provision of disaster recovery plans will also make organizations more resilient.
  • Migration to the cloud brought big advances, but it also took data and applications outside the traditional security perimeter. Today you need to ensure appropriate data privacy and governance while also meeting the standards in your industry.
  • Numerous businesses have responded by repatriating certain applications, data, and workloads to their data centers. For all the cloud’s benefits, it looks like hybrid infrastructure might be the way of the future.
  • Given the current shortage of qualified workers, an outside partner can be vital to ensuring an efficient transition, whether of technology or business culture.

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