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Making Business Phone More Flexible and Powerful

The COVID-19 crisis created new challenges for business leaders. They have to maintain their operations while also adapting rapidly to the new reality of remote work and collaboration.

One major challenge was – and still is – providing their team an access to the business phone system and the functions they are familiar with. While some modern systems are more or less adaptable, most are aging and reaching their end-of-life, or even deprecated and unsupported.

Businesses need more flexibility, simplicity and mobility more than ever!

A Simple & Intelligent Phone System Solution

Since the goal is to make communications simpler – not to have additional systems to maintain – ITI has developed a cloud solution based on the latest Business Voice solution for Microsoft Office 365.

The ITI Phone System, based on Teams, offers small and medium businesses a unified experience across their various devices, seamless online meetings, rich phone functionalities, and a complete integration with the Office apps you are already familiar with.

Transform the way you work by unifying your calls, your voicemails, your meetings, your calendars, and your emails in the reliable and trusted cloud delivered by Microsoft.

Enterprise-Grade All-in-One

By combining all the features you need in a single app, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with one phone number, whether you are using your laptop, your mobile device, or a desktop at the office.

In a single click, you can call your colleagues or join a meeting, no matter where you are. Having this flexibility lets you concentrate on value-added projects instead of wasting time on petty tasks.

Microsoft’s cloud provides built-in redundancy and load balancing with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s AI can translate and caption your voice messages or calls in real time to make sure you do not miss anything.

Simplified Deployment & Management

Our experts work with you to deploy the Teams-based ITI Phone System according to the needs of your organization. A centralized management lets you monitor your system from the simple Office 365 platform. No more complex patch panels and complicated phone systems!

Finally, because ITI acts as your unique solution provider, you can save time and money with a single monthly fee.

Ready to go forward? Would you like to know more about our Teams-based Phone System for Office 365? Our experts are here to help!

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