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Team performance as a driver of competitiveness

More and more companies are making operational efficiency the main thrust of their strategy to maximize competitiveness and business agility. And successful businesses are making productivity and collaboration the main thrust of their transformation program. But how can that happen when the workplace is shifting from a central location to an individual space?

When we think of teams, we usually think closeness, oneness, and cohesion. For most people, Team is also synonymous with Togetherness. The two words go perfectly together, as our first introduction to the concept of teams is often rooted in sports. Managing a business team is very similar to managing a sports team, both in terms of processes and philosophy. This is where a paradigm shift is required to navigate what we’re now calling the new normal.

The pandemic has completely hamstrung the sports world, as players must physically be together to take part. All they can do is wait and hope that disruptions like this are few and far between. There’s no alternative for them, and no solution that technology can provide. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for your company. The proliferation of available tools has accelerated digital transformation. It’s no longer enough for businesses to accept these ongoing changes; they must also use change as a driver.

That is all well and good in theory, but how is it working in your company? What’s your level of maturity and adoption in terms of productivity and collaboration?

Microsoft 365 offers a fully integrated suite of tools designed to support the productivity of your employees through a simple, powerful, and consistent user experience in an environment where your data is always accessible, up to date, and secure.

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Things have improved a lot since the previous Office suite with Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. There are now many other productivity and collaboration tools you can use to boost team performance. You’ll find an overview of some of them in the following pages. Whether or not you’ve started your journey toward the modern workplace, it’s good to know that there are plenty of options out there, and that it’s often best to have them all on one platform, if only for ease of management. 

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