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Data protection with Microsoft purview for M365

When it comes to data security, it’s dangerous to assume your organization is fully protected. Often, the greatest cyber security risks are internal, stemming from the everyday use of your Microsoft Office 365 apps.

Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, Teams, these everyday communication and collaboration tools may be the biggest cyber security threat to your organization because of what you think is protected. Even if you set up the best security and monitoring devices for your corporate data, without understanding the context of who is accessing your data, and how and where they are using it, you cannot fully protect yourself. This aspect is central to compliance with Quebec’s Law 25.

Watch the must-see SITI conference on data protection for M365

Speakers :
Charles Mailhot,
Director of Modern Workplace Consulting Services

Sergio Londono,
Modern Workplace Architect

Understanding your responsibilities

With Microsoft Office 365 you are ensured Microsoft manages and guarantees security of their cloud infrastructure as well as data and service availability. Your organization still has a lot of responsibilities on your end, as depicted in the graphic below.

Microsoft Office 365 shared responsibility model

Automated data protection with Microsoft Purview

With Microsoft Purview, you have the highest levels of security offered by Microsoft 365 and Azure to help you govern your data across your entire data estate and be prepared for Law 25.

Powered by an intelligent platform

Managing risks that may be hiding in plain sight

purview organisations

Sales organizations

A sales representative plans to hand in his resignation next week and is moving to a competitor. What’s stopping him/her from downloading the customer database?

purview manufacturing

Manufacturing companies

You’re at the final stages of developing a new feature for next year’s car model to reduce gas consumption. How can you protect that information, so your competitors don’t copy you?

purview medical sector

Medical sector

A doctor uploads a document with highly sensitive patient information to a shared folder in the hospital. If not protected, anyone with access could open, edit or even print it.

purview r&d companies

R&D companies

New research is underway and there’s a lot of information about the project and results being shared across your organization. Are you sure that information is secure?

purview software

Software companies

Developers come and go. One of yours recently worked on an application and now he’s going to work for another company. What if he knows how to get all the source codes?

purview finance

Finance companies

Someone on your team has access to the company credit card and bank accounts and has all the payment details to use those credit cards for personal use. What’s stopping him?

purview management


The results for the last quarter just came out and revenue was lower than predicted. How can you ensure that information doesn’t get leaked which may affect stock prices?

Microsoft Purview use cases and demo
Demo Data Protection Files

Ensure sensitive information uploaded in a shared folder can only be viewed, shared,
printed or edited with authorized access rights.

LP purview demo data protection files
Demo Data Protection Emails External

Protect content in external emails so it cannot be opened, copied, shared or edited
unless individual recipient has authority.

LP purview demo data protection emails external
Demo Data Protection Emails Internal

With Sergio Londono
Microsoft Purview specialist at ITI

LP purview demo data protection emails internal
Demo Data Protection Container

Configure accessibility for authorized users to work from unknown devices based
on strict rules using container classifications.

LP purview demo data protection container
Demo Data Protection DLP Warning user

With Sergio Londono
Microsoft Purview specialist at ITI

lp purview demo data protection dlp warning user
Demo Data Protection DLP in SharePoint online

With Sergio Londono
Microsoft Purview specialist at ITI

lp purview demo data protection in SharePoint online
Protect download from unmanaged devices

Set rules and parameters to ensure the internal and external sharing of specific files
and sensitive data is protected.

lp purview protect download from unmanaged devices

To be fully in compliance with strict data privacy and protection regulations like Quebec’s Law 25, now’s the time to make sure your security parameters are up to par. See how to automatically set customized and configurable security measures for all content shared via Outlook, Sharepoint, Teams, One Note and more.


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