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Entering the Quebec Labour Market in IT

Are you newly established in Quebec or Canada? Welcome! Here are some tips for a career in IT in your new home.

Depending on your country of origin, first language and educational background, you will likely face some obstacles during the integration process:

  • Having to obtain a local equivalency certificate to have your skills recognized
  • Lack of experience with Quebec or Canadian employers
  • Language barrier
  • Few or no local contacts
  • Adjusting to a different work culture
  • Etc.

Are you waiting for your diploma to be recognized by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI)?

If so, you can still work in IT in Quebec by applying for a job that does not require specific training and that you have the experience or skills to perform.

An IT job under temporary contract can be the perfect way to quickly enter the labour market in Quebec. You will gain experience working in IT for Quebec employers, which will give you an advantage when your diploma is recognized and you can look for a job in line with your skills. It will also give you a chance to start building a network of contacts, which is sure to help you on your career path.

At ITI Resource Placement, our talent management team can even assist you with getting an equivalency certificate or a work permit!

Start building your network of contacts now

Improve your chances of getting an IT job by making a name for yourself in the IT job market and catching the attention of recruiters.

Our recruitment team has put together 5 Strategies That Will Get IT Recruiters to Notice You. Job fairs, networking events and integration programs offered by immigrant support organizations, such as MIDI and Emploi-Québec, are also great ways to make connections that can lead to your first IT job.

Looking for your first IT job in Quebec or Canada?

Like Amina, choose ITI Resource Placement! You could get your first job in just a few days.

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