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ITI acquires Zycom Technology Inc.

A strong Canadian leader in technological transformation is created.

Quebec, February 1, 2022 – ITI, a Canadian leader in technological transformation, today announced it has acquired Zycom Technology Inc., an Ontario-based company specializing in IT infrastructure and managed services. With this transaction, ITI secures an enviable position in a rapidly consolidating IT market. Ranking 7th in the CDN 2021 Top 100 Canadian IT Solution Providers, ITI already counts on 400 employees and 1,500 active customers in various sectors. The company will now be able to leverage Zycom’s expertise, over 20-year IT legacy and market penetration to accelerate its growth across Canada.

Enhanced capacity to deliver value-added services

By joining forces, two companies sharing a similar business DNA will both acquire additional capacity to deliver value-added IT solutions and services to their respective customers. Zycom will be able to draw from ITI’s wider portfolio of solutions, including cloud services, while ITI will gain more robustness as well as additional expertise in hyperconverged infrastructure. Since both companies boast an enviable pool of senior experts with high levels of certification, ITI’s acquisition of Zycom will increase their capacity to deliver expert advice and technological transformation. ITI’s position as a Canadian leader in technological transformation will also be strengthened as it will have enhanced capacity to further deliver tailored solutions to existing and future customers in professional and managed IT services, private and public cloud, Technology-as-a-Service (XaaS).

Accelerating growth in Canada

This acquisition enables ITI to accelerate its development by increasing its footprint outside Quebec with a reputable company established in Ontario, the largest Canadian IT market, and rapidly improve its competitiveness in a consolidating market. ITI and Zycom are both Canadian companies sharing similar corporate cultures and values. They are eager to join forces to continue to democratize IT and provide tailored solutions to their current and future customers.

Both companies are committed to their customers’ success by supporting their transformation, hence driving their competitiveness and evolution. It is through this shared brand promise of high-quality service and expertise that ITI, together with Zycom, will accomplish its vision of becoming the most respected IT player in Canada for its expertise in technological transformation.

Our ambition to be a leader in technological transformation pushes us to always seek opportunities to expand the breadth and depth of our expertise and capacity. Welcoming Zycom within our ranks means that we can now rely on additional senior IT experts sharing the same drive to have an impact on Canadian businesses. With their homebase in Ontario, the largest IT market nationally, Zycom also provides us with a springboard to accelerate our growth in Canada, a significant advantage in a rapidly consolidating market.

Jonathan Legault, President, ITI

We are very proud that Zycom joining forces with ITI will contribute to creating a new yet reputable Canadian IT leader. We built Zycom from scratch over more than 20 years, and it was crucial for us to find the right partner to bring it to the next phase of growth. In Jonathan Legault and his leadership team, we have found peers and trusted partners. In addition to being a strong player in the industry, ITI has the same vision of becoming the most respected IT player in Canada for its expertise in technological transformation. We are confident that they have all it takes to assure Zycom’s success in the future.

Tim Allen, President, Zycom

What we didn’t want was for Zycom to be absorbed by a large company with rigid processes that slow down progress and innovation. ITI shares the same start-up energy that we have at Zycom, doubled with the structure needed for more extensive growth. They are able to remain agile in their decision making, which is remarkable for a business of that size.

Mike Lucas, VP Operations, Zycom

About ITI

ITI is a leading Canadian IT solutions provider offering tailored solutions to support customers in their technological transformation and drive an increase in business competitiveness. The company relies on the contribution of over 400 employees to serve more than 1,500 customers from medium and large companies, both in the public and private sectors. It holds the highest levels of certification with the most important players in the industry and is distinguished by a resolutely human approach to today’s technological challenges. Ranked 7th in the prestigious CDN 2021 Top 100 Canadian IT Solution Provider ranking, ITI’s vision is to become Canada’s most respected IT leader in technological transformation. For more information, please visit:

About Zycom

Established in 1998, Zycom has evolved into a premier IT services organization in Canada. The company changes the way its clients consume and manage information technology. Businesses from all sectors, including education, healthcare and manufacturing, work with Zycom to transform their IT infrastructure to cloud-ready platforms. With its unique and extensive IT experience, Zycom is a trusted partner working with a diverse range of customers, from large organizations such as the federal government to small and mid-sized companies. For more information on Zycom, please visit: and to learn more about its projects and solutions, please visit:

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