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Rethinking IT with DaaS

Nowadays, organizations face new challenges the hail not only from the market and their competition, but also from within. Modern workers are expecting modern work conditions: high-end devices, readily accessible data, remote work, flexible schedules, and so on. To make things even harder, it’s all happening in a context of labour shortage.

So renewing your devices every five years won’t cut it anymore. You need to offer your users quick support, an easy access to the data they need while also keeping the data secure, and keep your devices up to date without compromising the financial health of your organization.

How should you adapt to this new reality? How can administrators benefit from this new paradigm?

A New Way to Envision Your IT

Instead of considering your IT as a costly addition to your organization’s assets, a new model proposes a viable alternative. The Device as a Service, or DaaS, makes managing your data centre and other hardware much simpler as they become a pay-per-use service instead of a financial burden for your organization.

The concept is based on a comprehensive analysis of your needs and internal processes to design a solution that offers benefits without the financial and logistical constraints of traditional IT. Instead of purchasing servers and workstations at a prohibitive upfront cost, all the equipment you need is provided, configured, installed, and maintained, all of which is covered by a monthly instalment.

DaaS allows organizations to operate with powerful tools, benefit from a complete support from a unique provider, and lower their financial burden thanks to predictable and affordable monthly payments.

Centralized Management, Unique Provider

Dozens of workstations, mobile devices, a data centre, applications, licences… Managing your IT can quickly turn into a complex challenge.

One major benefit offered by the DaaS is the ability to manage all your IT assets from one centralized place. Whether you need to add a new Office 365 licence, purchase a configured laptop for a new employee, or increase your servers’ computing power, there is only one provider to contact.

Performance & Security

While organizations compete to attract the best talents, modern workers have high expectations for their working conditions and environment. The DaaS model makes it possible for your organization to purchase high end devices to maintain efficient teams.

High performance devices, up-to-date software, and strong security are all accessible through DaaS, allowing your employees to access the data they need from anywhere, without compromising performance and security.

Your DaaS provider handles the security of your devices, updating and maintaining anti-virus, spam filters, and software.

No Financial Burden

Managers and entrepreneurs will appreciate the positive effect the DaaS model has on their bottom line. As your IT assets become a service, all the equipment you use is no longer a financial burden for your organization.

Consequently, your capital and borrowing capacity are freed up for added-value initiatives instead of being locked up by the purchase and maintenance of costly IT equipment.

A monthly instalment adapted to your needs and usage will allow your organization to benefit from high end devices, powerful productivity software, and secure and accessible data.

Modernize and Perform Better With DaaS

Managers are facing a constant pressure to install and maintain IT solutions that are more and more complex. Thankfully, there is a solution.

DaaS is an innovative model that revolutionizes the way your organization acquires the tools it needs. You can enjoy powerful equipment right away without having to tie up your capital in a a substantial upfront investment. A single provider and a single monthly payment will cover all bases.

Talk to our experts to learn more about the DaaS!

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