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Microsoft announces new pricing for Microsoft 365

To be more transparent with their customers, in October 2022 Microsoft announced that the global pricing of their Microsoft cloud services would be adjusted on a regular basis, reflecting the exchange rate of the local currency to the U.S. dollar. This initiative aims to ensure consistent pricing, taking into consideration global currency fluctuations for customers located in various regions using a variety of currencies.

Today, Microsoft announced price updates to align the pricing of these services globally. Starting September 1, 2023, a 6% increase will apply to Microsoft 365 services. This percentage may differ slightly for each product due to price calculations and rounding.

In the future, Microsoft will continue to assess pricing in local currency twice a year, taking into account currency fluctuations relative to the U.S. dollar to keep the pricing competitive and allow the company to remain committed to the success of their customers and partners.

Microsoft will continue to invest to enable customers to innovate, optimize their operations while reducing costs, and implement a strong security strategy that customers around the world can rely on.


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