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Why trust someone else with your IT Security?

Imagine not having to worry about your IT, updates, patches, data security, and user management, knowing everything is being orchestrated for you by experts.

Too good to be true? Too costly for your organization? Think again.

This week, ITI officially launched Orkestra, a cloud-based hosting and IT services management solution. One of its main goals is to overcome the modern security challenges faced by organizations. Here’s how ITI Orkestra forges a secure perimeter around your data.

On-Demand Service

First of all, it is important to understand that such “luxury” isn’t exclusive to large enterprises anymore. Indeed, the experts at ITI can build custom cloud-based solutions to fit your particular situation and needs.

The newly-launched ITI Orkestra for instance, is aimed at helping medium-sized business who can’t cope with the unrelenting pace of technological and cyberthreats evolution. It is a turnkey solution that enables your organization to modernize its IT infrastructure and benefit from fully-managed services without locking your capital in depreciating assets.

Furthermore, experts will maintain and manage your entire infrastructure. They not only insure proper operation, but also–and most importantly–uphold the security of your data, applications, and users.

Managed services create value by assigning preventive maintenance and advanced security–both of which often imply redundant tasks–to a dedicated external team to get things done.

Rémy Jobin, Cloud & Managed Services Solutions Sales Specialist

High Security Standards

So it all looks good on paper, but how can you really tell your data is safe? Can you really maintain any control over your data once it’s in the cloud?

When you undertake your migration to the cloud with ITI, the data you transfer is, in fact, safer that it has ever been when stored in your on-premise server room. Cloud providers nowadays meet the highest standards to guarantee the safety of your data and applications.

The cloud-based environment of ITI Orkestra is ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II compliant, with 99.999% availability and under constant real-time monitoring.

Contrary to the improvised server room that’s actually a locker near the entrance of your office, the physical security of the equipment used to host your data is guaranteed as well. You are protected against theft, water damage, or data loss.

More to the point, this guarantees your organization a high level of security, a heightened protection against cyberthreats thanks to firewalls and other advanced monitoring tools, as well as the safety, privacy, and accessibility of your data.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Another important benefit you get when migrating to ITI Orkestra is that your digital work environments are maintained in real-time and you have access to 24/7 support.

Managed services mean we are accountable for the proper operations of your IT. It is our responsibility to avoid down times and to make sure your data isn’t encrypted by an attacker. We will provide you with quarterly reports that list the interventions and updates completed by our teams.

Rémy Jobin, Cloud & Managed Services Solutions Sales Specialist

You effectively gain access to a dedicated team that takes care of redundant tasks. Device updates, security patches, intrusion and threats prevention, and data backups–everything is taken care of for you.

Our experts proactively manage your IT, make sure you can work unhindered, and keep you safe. Your data is protected, replicated and available at all time. In case of a major event, our teams will assist you in rapidly recovering your data and continuing your operations.

You do not have to worry about your hard disks failing, that desktop running an old Windows version, this colleague falling for a phishing email, or that legacy data server dying on you.

Fully Orchestrated IT Security

In accordance with your internal processes and in harmony with your business objectives, ITI Orkestra frees you from a heavy burden. Your IT security and your whole infrastructure are administered for you.

There is no value in letting your IT experts waste their time on redundant tasks and desktop updates. Whether you decide to migrate to ITI Orkestra or would like to collaborate with our experts in designing a custom solution, this is an opportunity to free your teams and let them concentrate on value-added projects that drive the growth of your organization.

Contact the experts at ITI to discuss this topic, or learn more about the other financial and operational benefits enabled by ITI Orkestra, ou fully-managed infrastructure solution.


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