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ITI Orkestra

Your IT Infrastructure. Fully Managed.

Find peace of mind with a cloud environment completely managed by IT Experts.

ITI Orkestra is a cloud-based IT services management and hosting solution that combines performance, productivity, and security. Offered as a service (aaS), Orkestra makes it simpler to manage your IT by regrouping everything under a single provider and a single bill.

Orkestra offers you a fully-managed cloud service where your desktops and enterprise applications are deployed, maintained and updated by ITI. We take over your migration from a physical infrastructure to the cloud.

Fully Managed & In Good Hands

As a manager or administrator, you need to ensure your IT infrastructure meets the expectations and needs of all your teams, at all times. Between the updates, intrusion prevention, security policy enforcement, data backups, performance throttling to meet peak demand, and equipment maintenance, this can quickly turn into a full-time occupation.

This is why our experts designed ITI Orkestra, a fully managed infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution that:

  • Offers the assurance that your data and users are secured
  • Enables your teams to work efficiently and without constraints
  • Provides peace of mind

Orkestra brings your entire IT infrastructure to a cloud protected, maintained and optimized by a team of certified experts.

Well Orchestrated IT
Proactively Managed Secure Perimeter

Orkestra takes charge of fundamental security parameters of your IT. Your team get to work in a protected environment that meets the most stringent standards, while security is maintained in real-time by a team of experts.

  • ISO 27001 and SOC2 protection
  • 99,999% availability
  • 24/7 support
  • Managed Microsoft 365 security
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Firewall updates, data backups, anti-virus, and more
ITI Orkestra provides security
Better Cost Management

ITI Orkestra is a complete cloud-based IT infrastructure offered as a service. Our solution is scalable and adapts to your growth, so you only pay for what you need, limiting the risk of seeing your IT assets depreciate. Your capital remains available for value-added projects, while the entirety of your IT infrastructure boils down to a predictable and affordable monthly payment.

  • No initial capital expenditures (in most cases)
  • Better CAPEX/OPEX control
  • Energy savings
  • A monthly payment based on your actual needs
  • Scalable to adapt to your growth
  • Your IT team can focus on value-added initiatives
Increased Performance & Productivity

Migrating your IT infrastructure to ITI Orkestra enables your organization to focus on its primary mission instead of time-consuming maintenance tasks. Your employees and administrators become more productive thanks to modern technologies.

  • Constantly evolving tools
  • Workspace management and support
  • Streamlined and secured remote working
  • Less or no down times
  • Intuitive suite of Microsoft 365 productivity tools

A Flexible & Modular Tool

In the current situation, many organizations need to renew their outdated or legacy infrastructure, either because it does not meet modern security standards or because it became a bottleneck preventing better performance to support further growth.

The entire migration process to ITI Orkestra is taken in charge by our experts. From the preliminary analysis of your environment and needs, to the proposition of various scenarios and to ongoing, post-launch optimizations, we will assist you in achieving solid results. You will see a boost in productivity, benefit from a more stable environment with less down times, and save money.

Comprehensive 5-Step Migration Process

Preliminary Analysis

To launch your project properly, we first need to establish and understand your needs and expectations. Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of your IT environment, assets, and usage.

Scenarios & Adjustments

Based on our comprehensive analysis of your situation, we provide you with Statements of Work (SOW) and budget previsions based on various scenarios.

Planning & Organizing

We then plan every action, anticipate possible callenges, and draft a detailed schedule to guide your migration to a cloud environment.

Project Management & Deployment

Our experts begin the operation by migrating your servers, sychronizing your data and deploy your applications in your new cloud environemnt.

Ongoing Support

In collaboration with your teams, we make sure everything works as planned et that everybody is able to work efficiently.


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