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The Worst Cyber Threat for SMBs

Switching to remote work turned out to be possible for many small and midsize businesses. You tweaked your network a bit and now your teams can connect and collaborate remotely. Easy peasy, right? Not quite…

Hastened Transformation

In the middle of the pandemic, you most likely had to react quickly and become more flexible in order to continue operating. Maybe you quickly drafted new processes, adjusted your security policies to make it easier to access your files and applications remotely, and allowed your teams to use personal devices to simplify communication.

After all, you had to.

Failure to act quickly would have meant loss of revenues and productivity your business couldn’t recover from. You could also have missed business opportunities and ruin the momentum for growth and innovation.

Security considerations were pushed aside to insure business continuity. Not every SMB leader had the opportunity to conduct in-depth review of their security posture, to implement robust processes, and to invest in prevention.

The Sword of Damocles

While this urgency is perfectly understandable, it also led to a situation we’ve never seen before. Cyber attacks are on an exponential rise, data breaches have set new records, and the number of organizations affected by cyber security incidents is growing relentlessly.

There are many factors that explain this, such as the ever-growing number and variety of devices that connect to enterprise networks and applications from unsecured residential endpoints. The very low adoption rate of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Printers, cameras, and other IoT devices that can become weak entry points to confidential files. Private data shared by email to avoid connecting to the VPN every time. So on and so forth.

To maintain operations and productivity, we lowered our guard. This is the worst cyber threat for your business.

Take Back Control of Your IT Security

It is crucial to understand the risks incurred by your business. Even if everything seems to be just fine, remote working has weakened your security posture. This has become more obvious throughout the year as organizations of all size, even among the most protected, have been the victims of cyber attacks.

Thankfully, it is still time to reinforce your security strategy against these new, sophisticated threats. Our experts have gathered insights and resources to help you understand and prepare for cyber attacks.

Take back control of your IT and minimize the risks incurred by your business. It can be done.


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