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Cybersecurity for SMBs

How can small and midsize business adopt remote work and stay secure?

The widespread adoption of remote work coincides with a surge of new cyber threats, leaving IT infrastructures more vulnerable than ever. How can SMBs protect their users and their data in such circumstances?

According to a Statistics Canada study, about one-fifth (21%) of Canadian business reported being affected by cyber security incidents in 2019, not counting those who did not report it or, worse, who have yet to find out. Furthermore, Microsoft Canada revealed at Future Now that only one out of four decision maker indicates their business has identified and deployed new security solutions for their online processes.

Phishing, Ransomware, & Other Cyber Attacks

In the current threat landscape, remaining vigilant is imperative. But our efforts may not be sufficient, considering that about 60% of all organizations have been affected by a cyber security incident at some point.

Our experts have gathered on this page relevant advice and resources to help business managers and IT admins overcome this challenge by properly securing their workplace. We cover topics such as education, prevention, backups, monitoring and disaster recovery that hopefully answer some of your questions.

Expert Insights on High-Stakes Challenges
The True Cost of a Cyberattack

Cyber threats are everywhere, and countless cyber attacks have been successful. Figures have been tossed around to explain and quantify the consequences of these attacks.

But what does a cyber attack really mean for your organization financially?

Ransomware: 4 Habits That Make You More Vulnerable

In the last few years, security has become one of the most important challenges in IT. There are two major questions you should be asking about potential cyberattacks.

How much is your organization vulnerable to ransomware?

Data Security & Cloud Computing

With its numerous benefits, cloud computing is becoming more and more popular, and many companies are wondering how safe it really is. The ITI team boils it down for you.

But how do you pick the right cloud provider and how can you tell if your data is safe?

Phishing: Is Your Organization an Easy Prey?

Cyber attacks are multiplying and organizations have upped their IT security game. Bottom line is that humans have become the weakest entry point.

Do your teams know how to identify and react to a phishing threat?

Organization vulnerable to phising
The Worst Cyber Threat for SMBs

Confronted to the urgency of continuing your operations, you may have set aside security considerations to expedite the adoption of remote working. Fortunately, you managed to make things work and your business is running somewhat smoothly.

But how safe are you, really?

Remote Work & Cybersecurity for SMBs

The COVID-19 pandemic forced SMBs to quickly adapt their business model and adopt remote work in order to maintain their operation.

But every device that connects to your network increases the attack surface and multiplies the potential flaws to exploit. Your traditional defences may not be adapted to threats capable of bypassing your security perimeter.


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