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Get the most out of your Microsoft licences

with a CSP Partner

Microsoft 365 tools are well known. But is your organization really tapping the full potential of your licences?

Depending on the size of your business, you’ll get the tools you need from either your in-house team or your IT service provider. For Microsoft solutions, you could be eligible for additional benefits if you opt for the right partner.

Selecting a CSP partner

Whether you are thinking of acquiring Microsoft licences or have them already, a CSP partner can add an extra layer of protection and support at no additional cost to you.

A CSP partner can help you deploy advanced technology like a Teams-based Phone System, make better use of the Azure cloud platform, develop a cohesive security strategy to protect the Microsoft data and applications you’re responsible for, and insure quick disaster recovery.

That’s the kind of strategic advice that’s included in the price of your Microsoft licences. You may have turned to Microsoft 365 as an emergency pandemic measure to facilitate employee collaboration, but it’s never too late to make sure your data is secure and backed up in the event of an attack or human error.

Different acquisition methods

Through a CSP Partner

You get your licences through a CSP partner who provides user support and bills by use, allowing you to adjust the number of licences you have in real time as your needs change.


Acquisition method for big organizations with more than 500 work stations and an in-house IT team to manage the solution. Support is provided by Microsoft. Licences are paid in advance for the year.


Licences are purchased directly from Microsoft on its website. You won’t get local support and you’ll pay the full retail price with no volume discounts.

ITI is a CSP Partner

ITI provides a comprehensive, human-centred approach to setting up digital workplaces.

As a CSP partner with numerous Microsoft certifications, ITI steers you towards the best tools and helps you how to get the most out of your licences.

What’s more, ITI has proven expertise in data centre management. We understand the issues involved in cloud migration and can provide the right advice for making it all happen.

Substantial advantages

  • 24/7 Local Support
    ITI gives administrators local 24/7 support and provides a French-language Microsoft 365 support centre for your French-speaking users.
  • Improved Security
    Microsoft tools are secure, but protecting your data and backups is your responsibility. ITI advises you on the best ways to maintain the integrity of your business intelligence, even with your Microsoft 365 applications on the cloud and your teams working remotely.
  • Incomparable Flexibility
    With a CSP partner like ITI, you can add or remove licences whenever you need to. That’s an even bigger plus for companies that experience seasonal peaks or operate in education.
  • Optimized Costs
    You are billed for what you actually use, which can take a big bite out of what you pay for IT licences. Suspend or cancel the licences you don’t need during off-peak times and reactivate them later.
  • Easy Migration
    If you already have your Microsoft licences, our experts will handle your transition with no effect on your operations. You just get the extra benefits of having a CSP partner.
Microsoft Gold Partner
Opt for ITI

Working with ITI not only gets you the collaboration and productivity tools you’re used to, but also the benefit of coaching and support from certified experts.

If you already have Microsoft licences or are thinking of getting them, contact us to take advantage of the additional benefits ITI has to offer.

Use the form below to contact us. One of our experts will get back to you within the next 72 business hours.

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