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ITI x D2V Analytics: Data intelligence to enhance IT intelligence

ITI has completed a new strategic transaction to take it one step closer to becoming a Canadian leader in technological transformation. Montreal-based firm D2V Analytics, specializing in data engineering and analytics, joined ITI on May 2.

D2V Analytics’ expertise in data intelligence will enable ITI to improve its own data management methods and enhance its strategic IT consulting offer. By employing the most powerful business analytics platforms out there, ITI can help organizations better understand their data to make better, faster, and more predictive decisions.

Many companies have multiple databases but don’t use them to their full potential. Whether to optimize sales or reduce losses, giving companies access to in-depth, actionable information opens the door to better sales, a more competitive position, and innovation at the highest level.

ITI is positioning itself as an ally in the transformation of Canadian organizations. We want to grow our expertise beyond IT to help clients with all their business needs. The expertise Vadim Shvarts and his team at D2V Analytics bring to the table will give us a leg up so we can better understand and advise our clients and help them achieve their vision.

Jonathan Legault

Jonathan Legault

President, ITI

I’m thrilled to be joining the ranks of ITI, a trusted partner with an excellent reputation. With our data analytics solutions, we can continue to grow while contributing to the success of ITI by adding value to their strategic consulting services.

Vadim Shvarts

Co-Founder, D2V Analytics

About ITI

ITI is a leading Canadian IT solutions provider offering tailored solutions to help clients navigate their technological transformation and be more competitive. The company is backed by a team of more than 450 employees who serve some 2,000 large and mid-sized clients in the public and private sectors. It holds the highest levels of certification from the biggest industry stakeholders and is known for its people-first approach to today’s technological challenges. Ranked 9th in the CDN 2022 Top 100 IT Solution Providers ranking, ITI is dedicated to becoming Canada’s most respected IT leader in technological transformation.

About D2V Analytics

Founded in Montreal in 2021, D2V Analytics is a cloud analytics consulting firm specializing in analytical engineering and business intelligence augmented by artificial intelligence. Its mission is to help its clients better understand and use their data so that they can sell, compete, and innovate at a higher level. To learn more, visit


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