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Zero in on software intelligence

With nearly 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Christian Dugas has been entrusted with the strategic role of Software Sales Team Leader last April to support ITI’s evolution in Canada.

Thrilled with the opportunity to advance his career in a growing company, he is resolute in putting his professional experience to good use.

Investing in the employee experience

Christian has acquired his expertise as a sales representative with national IT solution providers, as well as at a well-known virtualization software company.

“When I started to look for a new challenge, I thought of ITI with whom I had done business in the past, and couldn’t help but notice their fast and serious growth! It was obvious that ITI is focused on the excellence and the expertise of its teams, and I wanted to be a part of this endeavour.”

“I really enjoyed the hiring process; it made me feel confident. I knew my experience would be valued by ITI. I know the Canadian market and the subtleties that exist between each province. This will be helpful for a business with national ambitions.”

Talking the language of business intelligence

Information technologies are not considered as a liability anymore, but rather as a tool to increase revenue. “If your IT team is equipped adequately and if your employees are able to collaborate in optimized work environments, it benefits the entire organization.”

Christian has the ability to communicate this to decision makers.

ITI offers me the leeway I need to build a Software Intelligence Team that will be actively engaged in the sales process for our most strategic partners and vendors.

“My goal isn’t to just deploy new software, but to present a new perspective to our clients. I want to help them reduce the costs of remote working, generate new business opportunities, and improve the employee experience. I want to introduce them to concepts and objectives that will allow them to achieve their vision.”

ITI is indeed zeroed in on this enterprising spirit and on the unique skill sets of its team members. Our growth is channelled through our collective intelligence.

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