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How to Avoid IT Overprovisioning

Organizations boasting a sustained YoY growth must anticipate their future needs in IT. However, it is near-impossible to precisely assess what the workloads and computing requirements will be months or even years in advance.

Many organizations consequently end up with extra resources that sit unused “just in case”, taking up considerable sums that could have been used elsewhere in the meantime. How can you avoid overprovisioning your IT without compromising your growth?

The public cloud certainly comes to mind, as it enables organizations to toggle their IT resources according to their needs. But the public cloud isn’t always appropriate, particularly for organizations who need to maintain an on-site infrastructure for compliance, privacy, control, or security reasons.

Hybrid IT as a Service

Enter HPE GreenLake, a hybrid model that combines an on-site infrastructure with on-demand services, offered on a pay-per-usage basis.

In other words, you are provided with all the hardware you need to set up your on-site data center, and you also get the cloud services and applications, technical support, and on-going monitoring needed to keep things operating smoothly.

This new hassle-less way of designing your infrastructure lets you pick the pre-assembled packages you need to fit your particular needs and business context.

Measurable Financial Benefits

A major benefit offered by HPE GreenLake, as opposed to public cloud solutions or traditional on-site infrastructure, is that you have no upfront costs. The infrastructure you need is delivered and installed, and then you pay a monthly fee to a single provider.

Furthermore, you only pay for what you use. A precise monitoring of your consumption lets you anticipate and adjust for peak workloads before they occur, but you are only billed for what you actually consumed, not for what is deployed.

These predictable monthly instalments and the fact that there is no upfront cost to cover allow your organization to preserve its capital for added-value initiative and to concentrate on its primary mission.

Sustained Growth, Supported by IT

The agility offered by HPE GreenLake is comparable to what you would expect from public cloud solutions, but it also enables you to maintain the level of control you need with an on-site infrastructure. It supports your growth and can dynamically adjust to sudden workload fluctuations; it also promotes growth by combining all your IT assets in a predictable monthly fee.

Thanks to HPE GreenLake, you do not have to improvise or invest large sums in assets and resources that you might never use. You will not be cornered because you lack resources, you will not miss business opportunities because you lack capital to invest. Overprovisioning will be a thing of the past and your IT will support your growth.

Contact our certified experts to learn more about the benefits HPE GreenLake can bring to your organization.


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