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Wireless, worryless

Wireless Network & Site Survey

Adding a generic WiFi router is not enough to provide your teams with the coverage they need to collaborate. A careful planning, a site survey, and a professional installation will help boost your wireless network’s performance to let everyone work efficiently.

WiFi is down again, that part of the building has no signal, random guests have access to your confidential data… These all-too-common scenarios are substantial obstacles to productivity and collaboration within your teams, and they also compromise the integrity of your data and IT infrastructure. Even if it is invisible, WiFi plays a crucial role for your operations.

The first step for any organization willing to deploy or improve its wireless network is to carry out a site survey. This allows technicians to identify zones with low RF signal and adjust with the right equipment to insure proper coverage. Whether your wifi is a complement to your cabled network or a crucial part of your physical security strategy, it should be dependable and efficient.

Precise WiFi diagnostics combined with specialized mobile apps make it possible to conduct more efficient site surveys, a faster spectrum analysis, and provide insightful data. This allows you and your employees to work wirelessly and seamlessly.

We Make WiFi Work

  • Site Surveys
    This is a low-cost and very efficient way to analyze and significantly optimize the coverage and performance of your existing or future wireless network.
  • Reliable Wireless Coverage
    We deliver dependable and tested wireless networks that offer optimal coverage. Our proven expertise covers the most important aspects of smart buildings and guarantees a no-nonsense solution that realy fits your needs.
  • Turnkey Service
    From needs assessment to design and installation, our project management ensures reliable and consistent end-to-end implementation through to after-sales services and technical support.
  • Maximum Performance and Availability
    Our cabled and wireless networks offer unparalleled performance and availability to support mission-critical software and carry the most important data reliably.
  • Boosted Productivity
    The reliability of our wireless networks allows you to work unhindered, without wireless interruptions, and without wasting time and money.


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