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How to make sure you get a good-paying IT job

The IT field is a highly competitive one. Especially early in your career, it can be difficult to assess your true value and negotiate accordingly. To decide whether an IT job’s offered salary is a fair one, you must first consider a range of variables. ITI Resource Placement shares the main factors that influence IT salaries and your ability to negotiate your conditions of employment.

Your IT expertise

Specific skills and specializations can be in higher demand than others. In technology, expertise in cybersecurity, cloud computing and artificial intelligence is particularly sought after.

Your IT career path and training

In general, employees with more experience command a higher salary. The same goes for those with more specialized training.

But don’t despair if your experience is more limited! Especially for IT job profiles that are harder to recruit for, many employers are looking for employees with essential people skills rather than pure technical skills.

Your regional job market

Where you live can influence how much you can earn. This is, in part, due to disparities in cost of living from one city or province to the next. For example, salaries for IT jobs in Toronto, Canada’s largest IT market, are generally higher than those offered in other cities due to the high concentration of technology companies in the region and the resulting increased demand for IT jobs.

On the other hand, specialized positions or jobs that can be fully done remotely are not as affected by your physical location. As physical barriers come down, the labour market expands to an ever-widening area.

The scarcity of your profile

When your IT career path is unique and highly sought after, your chances of attracting the attention of recruiters and securing a higher salary increase accordingly.

The type of employer

Public service positions will offer different salary conditions than those in private companies. Government or crown corporation IT jobs often rely on salary scales that quickly situate the salary for the position in question. Historically, it used to be that employees in public sectors enjoyed the best conditions on the market, but things are changing, especially in highly competitive sectors such as IT.

All in all, there are a range of factors influencing your ability to negotiate with your future employer and secure the best possible salary.

ITI Resource Placement negotiates your IT salary

ITI Resource Placement employees can rely on the constant support on a talent management consultant. From start to end of every mandate, your consultant will:

• Negotiate salary before contract signature,
• Oversee annual raises for longer-term mandates,
• Negotiate salary for mandate renewals or extensions,
• Answer any questions about pay, raises or working conditions,
• And more.

Overall, ITI Resource Placement’s team makes sure that your working conditions are always in line with your ambitions.

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