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Terry Buchanan

Vice-President - Technology and Services

3 years at ITI Collaborate Innovate Connect

A driven thought leader, Terry empowers people and teams to excel collaboratively. He is extremely passionate about technology solutions, with an eye on the evolving future of IT. His ability to blend technical and business acumen together to solve for business outcomes comes naturally.

What inspired you to work in the IT field?

I geeked out early at age 12, taking and passing a computer programming diploma course, thinking programming would lead to video game development. Turned out I liked working with people more than working with code and I gravitated to information technology and data centre infrastructure that connects people to information. Getting to use a whiteboard to explore ideas, and drawing pictures with customers is just an unintended benefit.

Why did you choose to work in IT?

The culture and the people I proudly get to work with every day. IT is a people business and the people you work with make a huge impact in your personal enjoyment of work and how you feel when you are not working. The team at ITI are hands down the most fun, and the most in tuned group of professionals I’ve ever gotten to work with in my career.

What motives you to get up and work in the morning?

Is this a trick question? Although I am not known as a morning person, I am passionate about working collaboratively with people solving complex issues and learning about technology and how it impacts our work and personal lives. At ITI I get to experience that every day and waking up is easy when you enjoy what you do with such a dynamic team or like minded individuals.

What are you passionate about in life?

Being part of something that has meaning and purpose. I love to work hard and live life with balance. I get to work with the best people in our industry every day. The work we put in to solve challenging business issues is very rewarding to me. Our clients value our deliverables and ideas and what we do as an organization makes a difference for our customers and for me personally.

From a personal perspective, I enjoy travel, and cycling but my family is my passion. ITI offers me work life balance so my meaningful work contributions lead to having time to spend with my family. ITI cares about the human equation, and that adds up to a healthy mind set.


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