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Modernize Your Workplace

with Surface for Business

Transitioning to remote work, acquiring new devices, and meeting the expectations of modern workers pose new challenges to entrepreneurs and IT managers.

Your workplace nowadays is wherever your employees are. Your networks are accessed by multiple external endpoints. Your teams use personal devices to work and communicate instead of the company’s computers and traditional phones. As a manager, how can you prevent this from turning into a nightmare?

Thankfully, there are solutions to help you face these new challenges.

Secure, efficient, and ready for remote work, newer devices offer advanced features and integrated tools that enable your organization to modernize its workplace. The Microsoft Surface for Business portfolio, for instance, offers your teams all the connectivity, mobility, and performance they need. Furthermore, the devices are entirely compatible and optimized for the productivity software and tools you are already familiar with. On the road, at the hotel, at home – work, communicate, and access your file as easily as if you were sitting at the office.

Thanks to these devices and advanced management tools, you can have mobile and efficient teams while maintaining control on your IT security. This will help your organization attract and preserve the best candidates and a modern workforce.

Organizations leveraging these technologies save time and money thanks to slipstreamed deployments, a modern device management, and an integrated, cloud-based security.

Essential features

A modern workplace should offer an enhanced experienced to users, and a simplified management to IT administrators.

Look for experiences and features developed for business, notably enterprise-level security and a powerful management, and choose a proven operating system like Windows 10 Professional that offers security and management functionality that let you focus on your business.

Zero-Touch Deployment with AutoPilot

Reduce IT complexity and eliminate time-consuming re-imaging by shipping and deploying straight to employees. You can use Windows Autopilot to remotely deploy and configure Surface devices in a zero-touch process right out of the box. In other words, the new Surface device is sent directly to the user and will be configured automatically when launched.

Simplified Security Management with InTune

Stay secure and maintain control, from chip to cloud, with protection from Microsoft. Surface helps you mount proactive defences with security built in. The ability to manage devices from the cloud has dramatically simplified IT deployment and provisioning across the lifecycle. With Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI) profiles built into Microsoft Intune, Surface UEFI management extends the modern management stack down to the UEFI hardware level.

Centralized Identity & Access Management with Azure AD

Offer a fluid user experience with a unified identification. Conditional Access is the tool used by Azure Active Directory to bring signals together, to make decisions, and enforce organizational policies. Conditional Access is at the heart of the new identity driven control plane.

Why Choose Surface for Business?

  • Performance
    With powerful processors and enough memory to run your most demanding software, the Surface for Business portfolio delivers experiences employees love with the choice and flexibility they need to work on their terms.
  • Mobility & Connectivity
    Light, thin & portable, Surface devices can use WiFi or LTE connections to offer more flexibility, mobility and connectivity to the modern workforce.
  • Compatibility
    Running Windows 10, Surface for Business devices are entirely compatible with the productivity tools your are already familiar with.
  • Secure from Chip to Cloud
    Stay secure and maintain control, from chip to cloud, with security from Microsoft. Mount proactive defenses with security built in, and manage through the cloud wherever employees work.
  • Zero-Touch Deployment
    Keep data secure from a Surface device’s first deployment to its last, no matter how many times and under what circumstances it changes hands.
  • Modern & Simplified Management
    With Surface, you stay in control of all your devices while your teams can work seamlessly and safely from anywhere.

Discover the Surface for Business Portfolio

NEW → Surface Pro 8

The new Surface Pro 8 offers the flexibility and performance to meet the needs of the hybrid work environment. The most complete Pro series model to date, combining the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet to deliver a 360° experience.

Accomplish more, no matter where you are, by taking notes on the screen, multitasking and more with the Surface Pro 8’s 11th-generation Intel® Core™ processors. Also, work more naturally with handwriting input that responds to your gestures to help you work faster and more intuitively.

The unique Surface integrated stand instantly supports work at any angle, from laptop, to desktop, to portable digital canvas.

Surface Laptop 4

Get it done with more multitasking power and up to 70% more speed than before, longer battery life, and sleek, ultrathin design in a lightweight business laptop.

Reliable and ready to get to work – you and Surface Laptop 4 have a lot in common. Type decisively and accurately with responsive, backlit keys. Fuel up fast with Fast Charging. And connect all your peripherals, whether you need USB-C for charging or data or to extend your display to dual 4K monitors with Surface Dock 2.

Surface Headphones 2+

Empower your team with work headphones that keep them connected and productive with immersive, high-quality Microsoft Teams calls and distraction-free focus. Amplify productivity with the power of voice in Microsoft 365 apps.

Your teams depend on call quality now more than ever. Whether in a hybrid office environment or working remotely, these headphones for teams keep them connected and focused with outstanding audio quality, crystal clear mics, and 13 levels of active noise cancellation.

Surface Headphones 2+
Surface Duo

Surface innovation comes to a dual-screen mobile device, featuring the best of Microsoft 365, every Android app in the Google Play Store, phone calls, and more.

Introducing revolutionary new ways to use a mobile device thanks to an innovative 360° hinge, two screens, and apps that seamlessly work together. Do one better.

Microsoft Surface Duo, ITI
Surface Pro 7+

The classic, ultra-light 2-in-1 for business is faster than ever and keeps you productive with improved all-day battery life. Now, with optional LTE Advanced.

Crystal-clear video calls in secure Microsoft Teams meetings. A touchscreen display that lets you navigate naturally. The next-gen ports you need. This ultra-light and versatile 2-in-1 business laptop adapts to the ways you work.

Surface Pro 7+
Surface Hub 2S 85"

Enable teamwork anywhere with the Surface Hub 2S family of devices, a Microsoft Teams-certified meetings platform and interactive whiteboard for business that brings teams together.

Also available in 50″.

Surface Laptop Go

Make the most of every day with the sleek style, performance, and all-day battery life you need in our lightest Surface Laptop, all at an exceptional value.

The lightest Surface Laptop features our signature 3:2 aspect ratio that helps you see and do more, all on a 12.4″ PixelSense touchscreen, in premium materials and choice of colours.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
Surface Go 2

Connect in the office, from the field, or on the go. Our compact, lightweight 2-in-1 empowers employees to get the job done with the full power of Windows 10. A larger, brighter, and more brilliant touchscreen display now 10.5” expands horizons.

A faster companion to run the essential business apps you rely on every day with 8th Gen Intel Core m3 and Pentium processors, Surface Go 2 is faster than Surface Go.

Surface Pro X

You’re always one step ahead. So is Surface Pro X. Sleek design and ultimate mobility combine in our thinnest 2-in-1 ever, with razor-thin bezels that take your ideas to the edge of the brilliant 13” touchscreen.

Stay connected and work more efficiently anywhere with blazing-fast LTE3 and a new Pen that charges and stores securely in the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard.

Surface Dock 2

Streamline the way you work and connect. New Surface Dock 2 instantly transforms your Surface device into a desktop PC, with all the next-gen ports you need.

More accessible than ever with DaaS

Your organization can acquire all the Surface devices it needs to empower your teams without any prohibitive upfront cost. Thanks to the DaaS (Device as a Service) model, your devices are delivered and used as a service, not as depreciating assets.

In other words, there are no initial expenses; only a monthly fee. Your business capital will not be used to acquire IT equipment, and will not have to compromise on the quality and performance of the devices you need.

ITI can help your organization leverage the DaaS model. You will have the devices and tools you need, all bundled up in a comprehensive and accessible plan that optimizes your cash flow.

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